Best SMB CRM Solutions

The SMB CRM and Sales Force Automation (SFA) software products detailed below generally fall outside the scope of SmallBizCRM. As the name of our website implies, we are recommending CRM software solutions for Small Business.

To those of you on that grey cusp between a Small Business and Small Medium (SMB) sized business, the following choice of best SMB CRM products may be more suited to you. In most cases there is quite in leap in demand on your budget and IT resources, however.

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Be prepared for costs (excluding any training, implementation, customizing and support) of over a thousand dollars a seat for on-premise CRM. The web based CRM solutions average from about $70 per user per month.

The following solutions are the best choice of SMB CRM software applications by their respective vendors.

  • Siebel CRM OnDemand. Web or Hosted CRM software delivered over the Web and accessible from an Internet browser at a fixed price per user per month. Siebel CRM OnDemand delivers complete sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer service functionality.
  • NetSuite Small Business. Web based or Hosted CRM. They offer several browser based CRM packages, but NetSuite Small Business is a complete application to integrate the front and back office and manage your sales, service, accounting and Web presence.
  • AccPac CRM. An integrated sales, marketing, customer support and call center automation solution. ACCPAC CRM is fully Internet and WAP enabled, providing users access anytime, anywhere via a Web browser or wireless device, such as a PocketPC or WAP enabled mobile phone. ACCPAC CRM integrates with other ACCPAC products, of course.
  • SalesLogix. Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management solution for sales force automation, campaign management and customer support. SalesLogix is designed for account-centric sales teams. A good option should your business needs require extensive customization to your CRM.
  • AchieverCRM. AchieverCRM is a midrange CRM solution with several vertical CRM solutions for specific industries. AchieverCRM Reviews & Comments