Industry Specific/Vertical Market CRM Solutions


More and more vendors are developing demand-driven Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions for specific vertical markets. The cries from various markets for dedicated CRM solutions are finally getting heard.

In the past one had to accept that most CRM’s were only going to cater for about 60-80% of your needs. You might even have had to fund development of specific add-on’s for yourself (only to find the vendor running off and selling the sponsored product to all your opposition).

Hopefully your industry is catered for below. If you are aware of other CRM’s for your industry, we’d love to hear about them.

To find out more about what kind of CRM best suits your business, we suggest you try our CRM Finder. Part I will identify what type of CRM you should consider; Part II will make actual recommendations. Go to our CRM Needs Analysis here..

CRMs for Consultants is a product that was born out of the need to create a product that would  meet the needs of Agencies, Consultants, Contractors, Freelancers and NGOs. Although this is not a traditional Project Management tool,’s mission was to develop a product that will be a fit for organisations that manage client work and the specific needs this creates. They are developing a product which is able to do what is important but at the same time does not burden users with functionality that is rarely used. is a practical software system that is simple, elegant and fast. They offer a free plan for freelancers and pricing plans are capped at the cost of 11 users i.e. pay for 11 and get an unlimited number of users. The Team Premium Plan is $5 per user per month and the Business Time Plan is $9 per user per month.

CRMs for Franchises

Franchise 360 - Greyridge Solutions

Started in 2005, Franchise 360 is a web-based business management system designed for franchised businesses and available through monthly subscription. The product features CRM, document management, invoicing and job processing but Franchise 360 can be extended to suit the franchise business model. It can also handle any number of franchises to match the franchise stage of growth. The company includes free email and phone support with subscription packages. Franchise 360 is designed so that the franchisor and the franchisee see only data, reports and functionality relevant to them. Franchise 360 tracks each prospect from first contact through signing contracts to a live franchisee. The dashboard can be used to review the current pipeline, set up and complete recruitment tasks and review previous activities. Whether prospects come to you through the web, from shows or direct contact the user can track the whole relationship. Pricing starts at $25 per user per month.

Soffront Logo

Soffront Franchise CRM

Soffront’s CRM, Email and Social Marketing platform allows a business to convert leads, recruit franchisees, and manage processes and operations. Soffront connects two CRMs in real time making it possible to push leads, training, processes, procedures and templates to the franchisees and pull business intelligence in real time. Some franchises are most concerned about recruiting new franchises, while others would like to see growth in operational efficiencies. Whatever the needs of a franchise, Soffront has Franchise Support Team, which will assist users every step of the way. Pricing starts at $20.

CRMs for Leasing Counselors

Sherpa CRM

By tracking how sales teams spend time selling, Sherpa’s CRM quantifies the correlation between emotional connection and increased occupancy. Their client partners across the U.S. and Canada increase conversion rates and fill communities every day by putting Sherpa technology at the service of helping seniors. Sherpa helps leasing counsellor’s develop holistic profiles of prospects’ lives and motivate sales teams to intuitively pursue behaviours proven to increase conversion ratios. Pricing is $525 per community per month for unlimted users. A one-time setup/data transfer fee of $1,500 per site applies.  A 30 day free trial is available.

CRMs for IT & Computer Service Providers

MyITCRM logo


MyIT CRM is a free, open source, web based CRM (under GNU GPLv3 license) designed for repair and services businesses. Though this CRM was originally developed to cater for the requirements of the computer repair industry, it can now be adapted for repair businesses of any kind such as garden maintenance and mechanic workshops to name a few. MyITCRM provides a business the tools to maintain and track customers information and work orders, payments made, invoicing, employees and jobs.

RepairShopr Logo


RepairShopr is a web-based CRM for rectification businesses catering to the repair of computers, mobiles, tablets, etc. The CRM has all the traditional aspects of contact management, source tracking, communication management, tickets and customer request management. There is also a support system in place for PBX/Phone system integration for call tracking. RepairShopr has recently included some new features which include, among others, adding Merge for customers and Ticket change of ownership as well as adding better tags to appointment email templates.

CRM’s for Media & Entertainment Industry

Bhea Technologies Pte Ltd

With over a decade’s experience in CRM implementation using the SugarCRM framework, Bhea has developed vertical solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry. The media and entertainment industry is a medium of advertisement for many companies making it necessary for them to have a CRM that will bring the speed and structure, which is required for the changing media industry landscape, together with efficient and accurate sales operations. Bhea has implemented CRM for the Media and Entertainment Industry by aligning sales with operations.


CRM systems can help media and entertainment employees unlock the secrets of customer communication and relationships taking the profitability of the company to a level that facilitates the entire business process. Elinext’s CRM solution can help sales representatives and managers be on the same page in relation to both client and company needs. With the implementation of CRM in a business, users have  the ability to boost revenues across publications, better define target audiences, increase circulation and retention rates and automatically contact all regulars who meet certain criteria, analyze costs per campaign and per order and more.


eZnet CRM

eZnet CRM, a cloud based CRM for the Media and Entertainment Industry, has developed a software that permits the converging of an organization’s data for better supervision. This CRM increases profitability and ensures effective communication avenue maintenance. Entertainment organisations within the media realm also have to be aware of customer trends. A CRM for entertainment and media companies makes it possible for them to direct traffic and observe movement based on what consumers actually value. eZnet makes it possible for productivity to rise and the level of engagement, both internally and externally, to become a tangible record that can be monitored and appreciated.

Kore Software Logo

KORE MediaPitch

KORE MediaPitch is a software that assists organizations in the Media & Entertainment industry. It is an extended CRM Software useful for businesses involved in vending media for radio, television, digital signage, print publications, e-publications, online advertising and events. It helps achieve maximum performance by giving increased flexibility. Pricing plans and a free demo are available on application.

Matrix Monarch – Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions offers Matrix Monarch, a forward thinking platform that provides one window into your entire media sales organization. This includes analytics, sales intelligence, media specific CRM and sales tools. Matrix Monarch was built to your media specific needs.Matrix Monarch brings a new suite of tools and functionality to the modern media sales team. Every feature is crafted to help you and your team manage your media sales workflow efficiently.

SwiftCMS - Conversant

Conversant focuses on developing digital media enablement solutions and services for telecommunication service providers, content providers, media broadcasters and enterprises. Conversant is led by a team of entrepreneurs experienced in conceptualizing, developing and promoting products for the telecommunication industry. Businesses such as traditional telecommunication networks face pressure to evolve from a voice and data centric network to one driven by video content and applications. Conversant’s Swiftserve, a SwiftMedia solution of digital media enablement cloud services, allows customers to manage these costs and create revenue streams with their network and digital assets by creating service offerings through content and subscriber awareness.

CRM’s for Mortgage & Loan Industry

Cimmaron Mortgage Manager

Cimmaron Mortgage Manager is a CRM, lead distribution, and automated mortgage marketing software solution created specifically for the loan industry. Mortgage Manager makes it easy and affordable to get organized, effectively reach out to new prospects, and keep in contact with existing clients and referral partners. There are no account setup fees. No long term contracts are required. Simply pay by the month on a per user basis. Pricing starts at $39 per user. For a comprehensive pricing breakdown please consult the website.

CRMs for Movers & Storage


jTracker Auto Transport Software is a feature rich system that allows users to  efficiently manage leads, quotes, orders, payments, dispatching and more, from a single web-based program built just for auto transport brokers. Pricing is available on application. A free demo and 30 day free trial are offered.

Soffront Movers Logo

Soffront - Movers CRM

Founded in 1992, Soffront CRM for Movers, provides marketing and CRM software for movers. The tools provided by this system will allow automated sales and follow-ups defining target customers and tasks. Leads can be captured from a website directly to the CRM database. Conversations and sales activities can be tracked. Use iPhone, Android devices, iPad or Tablets to enter contacts, tasks, or activities. Can be used offline in the field if Internet is not available. Various pricing plans, starting at $49 per month per user are on offer along with a free demo.

CRMs for Photographers


17Hats is an all-in-one business management app suitable for photographers. The software improves communication with clients by synchronizing with email, tracking all messages and automatically filing them into the project associated with that client. It is organizes work by projects tied to contacts, labels and store tasks, to dos, contracts, notes, emails, events and is a time tracking tool. 17Hats divides each project into 3 phases – Pre booking tasks, After booking tasks and After Project tasks. A free trial is offered and the breakdown of the monthly plan, annual plan and the two year special offer plan are available on the website.


HoneyBook is a software platform and mobile app that enables creative professionals to manage all of their critical business tasks in one easy to use place. Workflow automation tools and proposal templates streamline the client booking and payment process, saving hours on administrative tasks and ensuring more business is booked. Meanwhile workspaces, profiles and connections help entrepeneurs to stay connected to professionals they’ve worked with, discover new professionals in their area, and share business opportunities. HoneyBook supports their customers with community, education, and continuous innovation. A free trial is offered.


Pixifi is an all in one CRM system for photographers which is very flexible and available anywhere from any device. This system allows your clients to book appointments, choose the type of service they are interested in and even the team member they want to work with. Your customers can pay directly through your booking system. Pixifi can sync with your Google calendar, and mark your available slots or working hours for a better customer experience. Pricing starts at $24.99 per month. A free trial is offered.

ShootQ Logo


Developed by photographers for photographers, ShootQ is your virtual studio manager, assisting you from the moment a prospective client contacts you until the final product is delivered. It keeps job leads and workflow organized. Save time and boost sales by providing sales leads with an easy  online booking service customized with your branding. Customize email templates and questionnaires to help them give you all the information you need. ShootQ is all about you and your business. You can customize the look and feel of your quotes, contracts, emails and more with your logo and personal touch. Pricing starts at $39.95 up to $79.95. A free trial is available.

ShootZilla Logo


ShootZilla helps photographers grow their business ànd obtain peace of mind in a highly responsible job. ShootZilla will get you organized and in control by removing the guess work and allowing you to do things at the right time and in the right order. Never write the same email twice. Send your perfect personalized emails with one click. Pricing starts at $17 per month for the Starter Kit up to $37 per month for the Pro Plan. A 15 day free trial is available.

Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja was created by a photographer for photographers to help them streamline and automate their business so that they could have more time to do the things they love. It doesn’t matter if a photographer is  just starting out or  is a profession with many projects to manage. Studio Ninja will give them all the tools they need to make sure their business runs smoothly, consistently and efficiently. Pricing starts at $21.89. A free trial is available.



SutiCRM is a cloud based, feature rich system which is affordable, easy to use and customizable. SutiCRM, recommended for photographers, will help manage contacts, leads, accounts, sales pipeline, sales forecast and customer activities from one place. Users will also be also to keep track of their KPI’s and activities with a customizable dashboard and  reports. SutiCRM integrates all business tools in one place and automates the workflow, simplifying the sales process and helping to generate revenue. A free version and free trial are offered. A detailed breakdown of the pricing plans are available on the website.


Táve, a feature rich CRM, was designed specifically for photographers, but can be easily used by any other creative. Táve  is designed to handle a large part of your creative business, simplify your process, workflow and life. This is a feature rich system that can be used anywhere, anytime which is responsive for mobile, tablet, or desktop allowing you to take your business wherever you go. Pricing ranges between $21.99 and $43.99. A 30 day free trial is offered.

CRMs for Speakers


SmallBizCRM Recommended

Most CRMs are complex, expensive, and not suited to the unique needs of speakers. As a speaker, you don’t need things like “collaborative deal quantity forecasting.” You need a simple tool that works. karmaSpeaker, a feature rich system, keeps it simple. karmaSPEAKER allows you to assign and manage your sales leads more effectively. You can also boost the quality of customer interactions with easy access to contacts, information, and history. Prioritize your day with convenient calendars and task management and add, track, and manage tasks with user-friendly tools. Three pricing plans are offered starting at $9 per user per month. A free trial is offered with each plan.

CRMs for Subcontractors

Bizns Tool CRM

Bizns Tool is a Cloud CRM for small businesses and micro businesses such as freelancers, subcontractors and contractors. This easy to use system makes it possible for users to manage complex construction projects with a clever construction project management software. It takes the burden of  juggling multiple software systems from users, making it possible for them to concentrate on the task at hand, regardless of how big or small the project is. Bizns Tool also offers a number of features such as RFIs/submittals, estimates/change orders and team management.

CRMs for Vending Companies

Vega Vending - Digisoft S.p.A,

Vega has been developed by Digisoft, based on Oracle, a reliable database in commerce, which is continuously updated by a staff of experts who follow the requests of the market. The full automatization of the external activities used with palmtop computers. Equipped with bar code readers, and the straight procedures of a product and incoming stock check, Vega allows users to reduce errors to a minimum. This enables managers to concentrate on the business, on analysis, and on the development and optimization of  customers. Vega is not just a software system, but a real organizational model whose systematic application allows vending companies to optimize all the steps of the complex supply process of the vending field.


VendSoft is a web-based vending management software targeted at small vending machine operators aiming to help the vending business owner who wants to be more efficient and reduce operating costs. There is no expensive  up-front licensing as VendSoft uses a flexible pay-as-you-go model that will fit any budget. There’s nothing to download or install. VendSoft runs in the cloud and is accessible from any computer, anywhere, any time. Several pricing plans,starting at  $19 per month, are on offer along with  a free trial.

CRMs for WooCommerce


Founded in Bulgaria in 2014, and designed for WooCommerce, Metrilo is a CRM that allows users to automatically build a sales pitch for each customer from the very first contact by recording all their actions. Users will also be able to import historical customers.  Metrilo starts tracking visitors as soon as they engage on the user’s website. When they register or make an order, all info and actions are put together in their customer profile ensuring everything done on the site will be accumulated there, session by session, building a detailed view of the customer or potential customers’ actions, allowing the user to engage fully with customers. All the actions and stats Metrilo tracks form the basis of a rich segmentation. With over 30 filters and filter combinations, users can generate marketing opportunities. With just a few clicks, the high spenders that haven’t been active in the past month can be reached, allowing the user to send out an email that might sell to them again. The pricing plans which are based on the number of visitors a website receives starts at $59 per month up to $299 per month. A free trial is offered.

CRMs for WordPress



UpiCRM, a free Universal WordPress CRM, can interface and extend WordPress contact forms, plugins, and provide a complete CRM solution. UpiCRM provides an advanced yet simple Lead Management solution. New acquired leads from your WordPress web site are distributed and assigned to the people you designate, while detailed alerts are being sent. A unified dashboard will provide full visibility into leads : number, status, process stages, open tasks, and pipeline/revenue projections. Advanced alerts, tasks management, reporting and dashboards, will ensure customers and leads will be handled in the most optimal manner.

Please LET US KNOW of your experiences, good or bad, with any of these products or vendors.

This page showcases CRM Solutions for Automotive CRM, Pharmaceutical CRM, Insurance CRM, Realty CRM and other specific industries.

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