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Find out How This Training Center Boosted Students’ Average Scores by 15% and Provided World-Class Learning to Beauty Experts


The European Institute of Esthetics (EIE Training Centre): Empowering Future Estheticians and Laser Technicians

The European Institute of Esthetics (EIE Training Centre) is a premier online academy dedicated to aspiring estheticians and laser technicians. Renowned for its comprehensive education and hands-on training, EIE Training Centre ensures that students gain essential knowledge and skills to excel in the competitive beauty industry. Whether starting their careers or seeking advanced expertise, students receive world-class instruction designed for success. EIE Training Centre’s commitment to excellence and innovation has made it a top choice for those aspiring to proficiency in today’s dynamic job market.

THE CHALLENGE – Creating 70 New Courses

When faced with Covid-19 restrictions, EIE Training Centre adapted swiftly, transitioning from offline to online learning. Embracing a hybrid model, the centre aimed to provide students with greater freedom and flexibility to pursue their career aspirations seamlessly.

THE SOLUTION – 1800 Students Onboarded

EIE Training Centre found its online solution with LearnWorlds, enabling seamless continuity in training despite the pandemic’s challenges. LearnWorlds’ platform facilitated the creation of engaging courses with multimedia features and interactive elements, supporting flexible learning through mobile access. This comprehensive approach ensured that EIE maintained its high educational standards, nurturing both students and instructors through the transition to online education.

THE RESULTS – 15% Increase in Student Scores

Since its inception, EIE Training Centre’s online academy has thrived, welcoming over 1,800 students and achieving a remarkable 15% improvement in average theory scores. This success underscores the effectiveness of EIE’s innovative online learning approach, providing robust, engaging courses that empower academic excellence.


“LearnWorlds truly listens to customer feedback. Often, they’re miles ahead of features I want for our school as we continue to grow. I am increasingly confident we chose the right partner for education every year.”  Melissa Colbrone – eCommerce Manager at EIE Training Centre


THE CHALLENGE – Achieving Seamless Education Delivery Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

EIE Training Centre, renowned for its in-house classes since 1996, faced a pivotal moment during the pandemic. Shifting swiftly to online classes, the academy developed over 70 courses to ensure uninterrupted learning for its students.

Helping Learners Transition to a New Learning Environment

Transitioning from offline to online learning posed challenges, but EIE Training Centre navigated them diligently. With dedicated efforts in course development and implementation, the academy ensured a smooth transition while upholding its rigorous standards.

THE SOLUTION & RESULTS – Fostering Greater Engagement & Growth. Accessibility at its Finest: Going Online & Mobile

Transitioning online empowered EIE Training Centre to enhance student engagement and course success rates significantly. Leveraging LearnWorlds’ Mobile Builder for a branded app, EIE provided students 24/7 access to learning content, facilitating continuous learning and fostering a more interactive educational experience.

Melissa Colbrone

Melissa Colbrone, eCommerce Manager at EIE Training Centre, oversees web design and course development, ensuring cohesive and effective learning experiences for students.