Best Public Sector CRM Software for Civil Servants

What CRM means to Government Agencies When you think about Government, you don’t think about sales and marketing, you think about providing services, responding to issues, taking applications and managing cases. One way of doing this is to develop more efficient processes that remove paper from the process.

Maximizer CRM


Maximizer CRM, the#1 CRM for Government, Is trusted around the Globe to streamline processes and prepare for growth. If  you want to uphold high levels of service and customer satisfaction while keeping costs down and increasing efficiencies. Maximizer’s cloud option keeps costs low, while their secure servers and password protected file access keeps your client information private and your data secure.

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Made for businesses on the Mac, iPhone & iPad. Organizes your customers, schedule, tasks, notes, and more in one app. This user-friendly, powerful CRM is offered at an affordable price. Technology is making it easier for professional service businesses to manage their customer relationships. CRMs like Daylite allow teams to handle leads, clients, and projects in a single place ,through the use use of automation,

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InfoFlo has none of the traditional complexities of CRM products. Its features, customizability and one-time pricing policy make it a choice for almost any kind of business. Infoflf allows yo to focus less on your CRM and more on your business making it ideal for those in the Public Sector. Securely run InfoFlo on your local network or in the Cloud. Free services offered are call recording, advanced analytics, embedded forms and Gmail integration.

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Arcus Global

At Arcus they want to make a difference. They want to enable the public sector to use Cloud-computing in the most innovative and cost effective way, to continue to deliver and improve their vital services. Arcus has the expertise, skills and creative talent to continue to meet new challenges, always maximizing the latest technology to its maximum potential.

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ABM CRM provides the tools to deliver a higher level of service and more effective promotional campaigns, while creating a work environment where real-time customer information is available at any time. efficient quality service. effective promotions. appointment and task scheduling.

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Blue Utopia

Blue Utopia was started in 2004 by three friends who believed that technology could play a powerful role in making Democratic campaigns better.  Way back then nearly every consultant said that campaigns were a ‘knuckle and sneaker’ activity. Still, Blue Utopia believed that technology could offer a competitive advantage to campaigns. From day one, the goal was to deliver a powerful system to Democratic political campaigns and Progressive non-profits — one that could make a real difference on Election Day. That started with software that is extremely easy to use — that any person at any level of expertise could just log on and use without weeks of training. Pricing starts at around $35.

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FundView is a fully-integrated suite of true fund-based accounting solutions designed specifically for local governments.  With over fifty combined years of local government software experience, their management team has powered the design and development of the powerful, user-friendly solutions they deliver. With FundView there is excellent support and no hidden fees. This system will streamline your processes, simplify your workload and meet the needs of your citizens.

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Verint Express (Formerly KANA Express)

Verint Express (formerly KANA Express) can help State Government Agencies to build stronger relationships with constituents, customers, partners and vendors through their desired communication channels – phone, email, chat, mobile, social or the web. KANA’s Enterprise product lines are designed to integrate with back-office systems, enabling a single view of your customer and automating adherence to policies and processes.

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Prophet CRM - Avidian Technologies

Government agencies use CRM tools for many of the same reasons enterprises do: they need to keep track of data and keep customers, or in this case, constituents, happy. Government agencies often choose Software–as–a–Service (SaaS) and cloud–based government CRM solutions because they’re cheaper and easier to employ and interface well with current agency tools.

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