Best CRMs for the Medical Profession and Health Related Services

Does the healthcare industry need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to help them? CRM could make patient-centered healthcare a lot easier. Having a CRM system that can keep track of who your patients are, what medications they’re on, who else provides them with care, and other important pieces of information can help you get a picture of who your patients are. CRM gives you the ability to keep track of each customer (because patients are customers) on a micro and a macro level. On the micro level, CRM can give you a timeline of your patient’s health. On the macro level, it can give you the ability to pull data about who your customers are overall, which can help you make better decisions about your practice overall.



DocEngage EMR is a patient records management software which facilitates health care delivery to the patient. The EMR is efficient enough to manage thousands of patient’s records across the clinics, even those located in different cities. DocEnagage provides the power to render continuous care to patients.

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Ontraport was developed to suit a number of industries. Ontraport is a unified platform that allows businesses to handle content, marketing, sales, and information management with ease and effectiveness.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule does an amazing job of putting so much functionality into such an inexpensive, simple and easy-to-use relationship management tool. This CRM is packed full of simple yet powerful features to give you complete control and build good relationships with customers.

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DocEngage EMR is a patient records management software which facilitates health care delivery to the patient. The EMR is efficient enough to manage thousands of patient’s records across the clinics, even those located in different cities. DocEnagage provides the power to render continuous care to patients. By using DocEngage, chains of clinics will get a one stop place for  patient records with full patient history and customized treatment plans along with analytics. DocEngage EMR is also integrated with pharmacies and laboratories. As DocEngage has mobile enabled EMR, providers can get their patient records on a mobile with one click.

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PlayMaker Health

PlayMaker CRM is a cloud-based CRM designed specifically for post-acute care companies to assist with increasing sales efficiency, growing market share and increasing profitability. PlayMaker CRM is also used by agencies, large and small, that realize the benefits of using technology to grow while increasing referrals. PlayMaker CRM is transforming how long-term care organizations, nursing facilities and rehabilitation facilities guide their sales forces through its account, referral and expense mobile cloud platform. Managing the continuum of referral sources in a complex healthcare environment that has been simplified with PlayMaker CRM. Accessing critical patient or referral source information is available anytime, anywhere.

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Evariant Platform - Evariant

Healthgrades Acquired Evariant in January 2020

Designed for the healthcare industry, the Evariant healthcare analytics platform is a robust,feature rich,complete enterprise CRM solution. Relying strictly on state-of-the-art technology and thorough planning, they created a healthcare analytics platform that’s secure, HIPAA compliant, reliable, scalable and user-friendly. They also provide real-time reporting that easily integrates with all internal and external hospital systems. Designed with scale in mind users can start small and keep growing. The backend of this system supports billions of transactions and, in some cases, more than 100,000 users within a single entity.

View ProfileVisit Top CRMs - Healthcare Relationship Cloud Software has a vision and mission to personalize the healthcare experience and to  deliver a widely connected healthcare relationship management cloud platform. enables Labs, Health Systems, and Radiology Groups to identify and focus on their most important issues and drive resolution through closed-loop accountability and proactively manage provider and patient relationships. is aHealthcare CRM built from the ground up for you to compete and win in today’s consumer-driven, quality-based environment. Training and Support are offered. A free demo is available

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NextGen Office - Formerly MediTouch

Nextgen Office formerly known as MediTouch  is a 100% cloud based EHR/PM/Portal/Clearinghouse solution, that can be used from anywhere, on any tablet, computer, windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android Service. Using this cloud-based system, care facilities gain the fully integrated EHR, practice management and billing solution needed to keep up with increasing patient and practice demands. Tailored to the needs of any specialty, this simple solution is easy for everyone to use – from office administrators to clinicians.

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AdvancedMD acquired NueMD in July 2018

Founded in 1993, NueMD is a provider of cloud-based medical practice management software for small practices. NueMD offers practice management, electronic health record, and medical billing software and services to help physicians maintain the clinical and financial well-being of their practice. NueMD Mobile is a free app for mobile devices that makes it easier for on-the-go providers to stay connected with NueMD® practice management software and NueMD clinic management software.

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Pega CRM

Pega empowers healthcare organizations to respond and stay synchronized with constantly changing regulatory, competitive, and market demands. Rapidly change your sales processes, lead assignment logic, and more to ensure to stay competitive, compliant, and in control. Choose traditional on-premise deployments or Pega’s cloud platform, with a turnkey service providing immediate access to create, test, deploy, and manage applications. With Pega it is easy to satisfy and support your sales teams by making it easier for them to do business. Email and calendar integration, dashboard personalization, and user preference capabilities like favourite census retrieval are just some features offered by Pega.

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Prolifiq - MedTech

Prolifiq is a vertical designed for the Life Sciences industry. Prolifiq has reimagined customer relationship management and serves medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. Prolifiq’s mobile software simplifies employee and customer engagement with a unique combination of 360 company and customer views, calendar, content and collaboration, so life sciences teams can quickly assess, anticipate, and act – whenever and wherever to drive better patient outcomes.  A demo is available on request.

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