CRM Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

How a CRM solution could benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry? Pharma CRM software offers several advantages, regardless of whether you are managing a small pharmacy business or a big pharmaceutical company. Implementing a CRM system can streamline your operations by freeing up your reps from repetitive tasks, expanding your sales network, and building stronger relationships with your existing customers, ultimately leading to increased revenues. The software comes with various features such as task management, calendar management, opportunity management tools, marketing tools, sales rep organization tools, customer support modules, and ERP-like features. The primary goal of Pharma CRM is to enhance customer relationships, and it can achieve this by allowing clinics to retain customers.


Bigin by Zoho CRM


Bigin by Zoho CRM is highly recommended for the pharmaceutical industry due to its affordable pricing, customizable pipelines, and automation workflows. The software allows pharmaceutical companies to manage customer interactions, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline their business operations. With features like lead management and contact management, Bigin by Zoho CRM is an ideal solution for pharmaceutical companies looking to improve their efficiency and productivity while staying within budget.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule CRM is highly recommended for the pharmaceutical industry due to its robust features that help manage customer relationships effectively. With its intuitive interface and powerful customization options, Capsule CRM enables sales teams to keep track of their leads, deals, and customers with ease. Additionally, its integration with other tools such as Mailchimp and Zapier makes it a comprehensive solution for managing customer data and communications. Capsule CRM is an essential tool for pharmaceutical companies.

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StayinFront is a global provider of  customer relationship management solutions, offering a sales force automation point solutions for pharmaceutical companies. From on-demand and on-premise CRM to mobile access in the field, using Androids, iPads and iPhones, it’s software offers functionality, fast deployment and easy-to-use tools. StayinFront has been chosen globally as a strategic partner by many of the world’s top life sciences, consumer goods, financial services and business-to-business companies. StayinFront CRM solutions have been implemented in over 65 countries.

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Veeva is a cloud-based CRM platform that is highly regarded in the pharmaceutical industry for its ability to provide tailored solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service. Its comprehensive suite of features includes data management, compliance tools, and analytics, which enable pharmaceutical companies to streamline their operations, improve customer engagement, and drive growth. Veeva’s reputation for security, scalability, and flexibility make it a top choice for companies looking for a CRM solution that meets their unique needs.

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Since 1984 Abacus has been providing the pharmacy industry with a pharmacy management system. They innovate to improve patient care and the overall pharmacy operation.Their  mission is to improve patient care by providing cost effective solutions, available to all healthcare professionals. Systems are designed using the latest technology and automation available to improve and provide solutions to the problem of medication management and to simplify the administration of pharmaceutical care for healthcare professionals while reducing the rate of prescription medication misuse.

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M R Reporting

M R Reporting, a total Pharma CRM Solution, is a dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solution designed to build relationships with both doctors and chemists. It requires no additional hardware, allows storage of sales data and can act as  virtual assistant reminding MRs’ of various things to be done. Various pricing plans are offered. Quotes can be obtained from the website.

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Media-Soft CRM

Founded in 1996 Media-Soft CRM is a Pharmacentric CRM and CLM solution for iPad, Android, Windows and Web. Engage with doctors through various channels including CRM, CLM, e-Detailing, doctor portals, event management, social media and more.

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Pharmacist Pro – PEPID

Since 1994, PEPID has provided exclusive web-based, point-of-care solutions that enable pharmacists to  detect harmful drug interactions and allergy sensitivities, accurately dose patients, and provide quality patient education. PEPID’s products are integrated within the systems of clinics, hospitals, universities and schools. PEPID streamlines concise medical information through a built-in workflow developed by years of engagement with doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This level of organization gives healthcare professionals faster access to critical data, improved clinical performance and greater mobility.

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With Pharmapod you can automate and transform quality improvement processes for pharmacies & hospitals, driving efficiencies, cost savings, standards and business intelligence. Pharmapod will also allow you to treamline your pharmacy operations and improve quality and safety in your organisation. Pharmapod offers solutions for Incident Management, SOP Management and much more

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