CRMs for WooCommerce

WooCommerce gives you excellent control and ability to adapt things to how you want them to work. As for CRM, it all depends on what you define in your business as the “most important functions” of a CRM. Client relationship management is different from business to business and depending on “what you are selling” would also help indicate what are the most important parts as well.

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Capsule does an amazing job of putting so much functionality into such an inexpensive, simple relationship management t…

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Excellent web based CRM solution for small to medium companies seeking a comprehensive and reliable CRM. InfusionCRM is…

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Founded in Bulgaria in 2014, and designed for WooCommerce, Metrilo is a CRM that allows users to automatically build a sales pitch for each customer from the very first contact by recording all their actions. Users will also be able to import historical customers.  Metrilo starts tracking visitors as soon as they engage on the user’s website. When they register or make an order, all info and actions are put together in their customer profile ensuring everything done on the site will be accumulated there, session by session, building a detailed view of the customer or potential customers’ actions, allowing the user to engage fully with customers. All the actions and stats Metrilo tracks form the basis of a rich segmentation. With over 30 filters and filter combinations, users can generate marketing opportunities. With just a few clicks, the high spenders that haven’t been active in the past month can be reached, allowing the user to send out an email that might sell to them again. The pricing plans which are based on the number of visitors a website receives starts at $59 per month up to $299 per month. A free trial is offered.

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If you have a WooCommerce website/store, you can connect it to your Ninjodo account using the WooCommerce plugin. Your customers and their orders will be synced in real-time with this account. You can also import all your historical customers and orders to get all that previous history with the push of a button.This one has a few parts to it, but it only has to be done once. Ninjodo offers support as well as an easy to follow guide. The pricing plans are formulated to try and accommodate businesses of all sizes. Please visit the website for a full breakdown of these plants. A free trial is offered.

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Zero BS CRM is modern, lean and built for Entrepreneurs. You are able to keep all of your contacts in one place making them easy to manage and action while making sure you never loose another lead. Write and  send proposals from within the CRM. Invoice and get paid directly. Track transactions per-contact or company. Zero BS CRM’s built in tools makes the whole workflow easy. Zero BS CRM has powerful email systems built in. You get a full mail delivery setup, as well as fully customisable system emails.

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