CRMs for Consultants

Why should a Consultant use a CRM? Regardless of whether a consultant is a one-man show with a handful of clients, or perhaps a multi-person trust advising prestigious fortune 500 companies, they probably already know that using a system to keep track of client communication is a must. Consultants need a software solution that can pick up the slack and keep all mission-critical client details in one easy-to-use app. This then leaves them free to focus on clients and projects without letting any detail, no matter how small, fall through the cracks.

Maximizer CRM


With Maximizer you can increase new business and win more projects with existing customers. Whether you’re a one-man show with a handful of clients or perhaps you’ve built a multi-person brain trust advising prestigious fortune 500 companies. Whatever your consulting background is, you probably already know that using a CRM to keep track of client communication is a must. The success of a consulting organization depends not only on the skills of advisors, but also on well-organized processes and operational aspects. By choosing the right system to manage the day-to-day work of your firm, you can improve advisor’s efficiency and focus on serving your clients.

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Daylite understands that consulting covers a range of services. Their goal is the same…helping clients. They’ve worked with consultants in numerous fields to put together an Industry Pack. Included in the Industry Pack is a file that customizes your Daylite preferences such as categories and pipeline stages specific to consultants. Daylite included forms that you can use for initial client meetings and for evaluating completed client projects. Daylite helps consultants systematize repetitive processes, spread the workload, and keep track of information.

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Capsule CRM


Capsule does an amazing job of putting so much functionality into such an inexpensive, relationship management tool which makes it perfect for Consultants. Relationships with your customers, partners, suppliers and employees sit at the heart of your business. Its essential to find the best CRM software to help you manage them. If you’re shopping for a small business CRM, take your time and research the features you need. Think critically about whether you really need such a tool, then look for something that is familiar, easy to use and works with your current set of business tools.

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Accelo is a cloud-based software for growing your professional services business, allowing you to streamline all processes while aligning your team and delivering projects on time. Know what’s going on with every client. Automate to ensure that each one of your clients knows that you’re thinking about them. With Accelo you are able to track everything that goes on in your business, including email, and bill for all the time you spend working.  Accelo integrates with many popular accounting products to streamline financials and remove redundant administrative processes.

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Lime CRM

Lime offers a CRM for Consultants. Most consultants know that working efficiently is a great way to differentiate themselves from competitors. Spending time on the right things and keeping track of business can be what determines a companies success.  Lime CRM Keep track of  current and prospective clients, tracks assignments and scheduling and strives to increase sales. A free trial is available. All of Lime’s CRM systems include a service agreement.

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Myop, a CRM software system created by consultants for consultants, is a project and time tracking app. Available from any device at anytime, Myop goes where  you go.  Myop is free for your whole team with an unlimited number of users making it ideal for new start-ups with tight cashflow or smaller businesses. They offer a Premium Plan as well which starts at $9 per user per month.

View ProfileVisit Top CRMs is a product that was born out of the need to create a product that would  meet the needs of Agencies, Consultants, Contractors, Freelancers and NGOs. Although this is not a traditional Project Management tool,’s mission was to develop a product that will be a fit for organisations that manage client work and the specific needs this creates. They are developing a product which is able to do what is important but at the same time does not burden users with functionality that is rarely used. is a practical software system that is simple, elegant and fast. They offer a free plan for freelancers and pricing plans are capped at the cost of 11 users i.e. pay for 11 and get an unlimited number of users. Pricing starts at $3 per month or $29 if paid annually.

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