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At SmallBizCRM our sole purpose is to help you find a CRM solution ideally suited to your business. Simple.

Our main goal is to help you find the best CRM system for your particular business. SmallBizCRM.com has been offering expert CRM advice for over 15 years, bringing 30 plus years of experience within the CRM industry to you real time.

As this is a free service, what’s the catch? We derive our income off independent and vendor advertising, so that you don’t have to spend a cent!

Our unique CRM Finder tool takes you through a process of finding the top 5 CRM systems relevant to your business, and enable better quality decision making, increased sales and marketing abilities as well as good business intelligence to help you take your company to the next level.

Our vendor list comprises all the trusted and reputable brands as well as some new entrants into the market. We independently rate all products on our unique sliding scale before loading them onto our system, so that you can get insights to our valuable knowledge about the CRM system. We pride ourselves in showcasing you a cross-section of the top 5 nearest CRM solutions for your business and the industry you operate in.

Our independent, in-depth CRM reviews offer first-hand experience with the product so that you get a fair and objective overview of the CRM system.

We get you to complete a short 8-minute CRM Needs Analysis questionnaire, much like a professional CRM consultant would ask of you, and at a click of the button our unique algorithm will generate the Top 5 systems that closest match the answers you provided. To compliment our Advanced CRM Finder, we’ve recently introduced our Basic CRM Finder, where you can simply answer what Industry you’re in, to find out if there are any CRMs dedicated and purpose-built entirely for your line of business.

Through helping you find the right CRM system fit for your business and applying the CRM system in your business actively, it has been proven that the right CRM system can deliver tangible profits and bottom line results over the short, medium and long term – basically the CRM system will pay for itself as a business investment tool over time. However, CRM systems do require your time and effort to keep them updated, as this is key to building the data intelligence your require to grow your business, so investing in the right tool is only the first step.

We act as trusted partner to small businesses. You can rely on our CRM solutions to help you achieve your business goals, mission and vision.

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Perry Norgarb

Founder and CEO.