Are you reinventing yourself? Struggling with remote workers? Starting a Service Business

SmallBizCRM Staff – March 13th, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of the service industry, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stands as a pivotal tool, fostering enduring connections and enhancing operational efficiency. CRM systems empower service-oriented businesses in numerous ways.

Firstly, CRM centralizes customer data, enabling service providers to gain comprehensive insights into consumer preferences, purchase history, and feedback. This knowledge facilitates personalized interactions and targeted marketing efforts, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, CRM streamlines communication channels, allowing seamless coordination between various departments and individuals within an organization. This ensures swift resolution of customer inquiries and issues, leading to enhanced service delivery and higher retention rates.

Furthermore, CRM enables predictive analytics, empowering service providers to anticipate customer needs and market trends. By leveraging data-driven insights, businesses can proactively tailor their services and offerings, staying ahead of competitors and fostering sustainable growth.

In essence, CRM transcends being just a software; it becomes a strategic asset, empowering service industry professionals to forge enduring relationships, optimize operations, and drive business success.

Are you needing to manage remote workers?

Working remotely comes with its own set of potential problems, but also presents opportunities. Remote working requires good management to be effective, and a good system will boost you and your teams productivity, and ultimately income.

Time Doctor is a proven, comprehensive and inexpensive solution purpose-built for the job. You and your team can try it for free.

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Do you need to reinvent yourself, or supplement your income?

Many of us have found our incomes severely compromised almost overnight, thanks to Covid 19. If you’re looking to reinvent yourself, or supplement your existing income, a subscription-based business model is well worth your serious consideration, and can even be added to your existing business.

We’re all familiar with the big examples of subscription/membership based businesses like Spotify or Netflix, but the possibilities are almost endless. Magazines, newspapers, education, water, ice, grooming, clothing, groceries (in the form of replenishment), pet food, meals, wines, home maintenance, haircuts, frailty care, gaming and many other products are moving to subscription models.

Some are even calling this The Rise Of The Subscription Economy. But don’t think this is a GRQ scheme, as in Get Rich Quick. (There is no such thing!) It will require effort, but you can build yourself a serious income-generating business over time.

Investors love the idea of a subscription based business, too. As investor Eric Stromberg notes: “Subscription is a powerful business model because it creates an environment where the default customer behavior is retention, as opposed to one where the default behavior is churn.” So there is even a possibility of raising finance to take your project further.

An established player in this market is Subbly, and has all the features one would need to run a subscription business. And it’s not expensive to get started, with prices starting from only $14 pm (plus a 1% transaction fee). They also offer a free 14 day trial version, so you can test the waters first. Once you have decided on your niche, you can literally be set up and running in half a morning, it’s that easy.

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Are you running a field service business?

No matter what the nature of your service business eg. Appliance Repairs, Carpet Cleaning, Electrical Contracting, Handyman, Landscaping, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing etc., you need a system to help you manage efficiently.

Jobber is a top-rated and inexpensive Field Service Management solution with all the features you need to be on top of your business, and ahead of the competition.

Jobber offers a free trial version for you to test the waters before taking the plunge. You can also take a tour of their software first, to see what it all offers you.

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