Case Study

A CRM Affiliate Management System for Mobile Apps – Voluum

Want to know if Voluum can help you scale your business? Then check out this case study they created with their clients.


Leverage Media is the owner of an in-house-developed android application for blocking spam messages with a built-in VPN. They advertise their product and run a bunch of affiliate offers from many affiliate networks in various verticals.


Find a better solution for data management without:

  • manually combining affiliate metrics with ad networks metrics;
  • time-consuming data collection from both sides every day;
  • inserting and analyzing ad campaign data from numerous sources in spreadsheets;


Accurate and reliable ad tracker with powerful data views and breakdowns. With it, they can lets them analyze their campaigns in great detail and a smart way to filter their traffic based on various rules. As Leverage Media can now set multiple conversion types, it’s easier to indicate which users are most likely to generate additional income from upsells and post-install events.


Leverage Media saved 100% of time they used to spend on manual data entry and campaign management.