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Find out How IN Business Ninjas Cut Marketing Costs by 82% – Without Losing Revenue Using EngageBay




IN Business Ninjas, a digital marketing service provider based in Manchester, England, was founded with the mission of helping businesses harness the potential of LinkedIn for marketing and sales. As their customer base rapidly expanded, they faced the challenge of managing a growing contact database and soaring operational costs. This case study examines how IN Business Ninjas successfully reduced their marketing and customer service expenses by 82% without sacrificing revenue by transitioning from HubSpot to EngageBay.

About IN Business Ninjas

Business Ninjas specializes in generating high-quality leads and meaningful interactions on LinkedIn, enabling businesses to target and engage with their prospects directly. Their journey began as a modest initiative and quickly evolved into a thriving platform, catering to companies seeking to tap into LinkedIn’s extensive B2B network.

Challenge: How HubSpot Became Unbearably Expensive

As IN Business Ninjas’ customer base continued to grow, they reached a point where their existing tools, including HubSpot, were no longer sufficient to support their needs. To accommodate their expanding contact list and email communication requirements, they upgraded to HubSpot’s Enterprise plan, significantly increasing their marketing and operational expenses. This move translated into a tenfold surge in monthly costs.

While HubSpot was a robust platform, its free and affordable plans lacked the capabilities essential for IN Business Ninjas’ business requirements. Additionally, they were tied to an annual commitment, forcing them to pay for an entire year, even if they decided to terminate the service within the first month.

Business was booming – we had thousands of new customers every month. Our old ways could not keep up with the staggering numbers.

Solution: How EngageBay Helped Reduce Marketing Costs by 82%

IN Business Ninjas embarked on an extensive search for an alternative CRM platform, aiming to find a solution that combined their essential features without the hefty price tag. Their quest was also driven by the need for an integrated, all-in-one CRM system that would unify their teams and provide a comprehensive view of their customer base.

Their search culminated in the discovery of EngageBay, a platform that not only offered most of the enterprise-level features of HubSpot but also addressed their primary concern—affordability. They swiftly adopted EngageBay, migrating their data and onboarding their team at no additional cost. Given their focus on B2B engagement, IN Business Ninjas required features like account-based marketing, conversational inboxes, A/B testing, and social media management, all of which EngageBay provided within a unified platform.

Despite initial skepticism regarding the favorable pricing, IN Business Ninjas took advantage of a limited-period trial of EngageBay’s Pro plan and realized that the platform’s features closely matched those of HubSpot. The cost comparison was stark:

  • HubSpot First-Year Cost: $75,600
  • EngageBay First-Year Cost: $13,198*

(*Calculated for 11 users and billed monthly)

This transition enabled IN Business Ninjas to achieve an extraordinary 82% reduction in marketing expenses while maintaining the essential functionalities required for their business.

HubSpot’s Starter plan was not enough for our massive operation. We decided to upgrade to the Enterprise plan in line with our needs – and boy, weren’t we in for the shock of our lives!

Result: A Bigger, More Profitable Brand

The transition to EngageBay marked the completion of IN Business Ninjas’ quest for a cost-effective CRM solution. They not only found a platform with equivalent features but also superior pricing, powerful integrations, and the ability to evolve into a more profitable brand.

Soon, the costs spiraled out of control. It was crystal-clear: we needed an alternative, and fast. It took us a while to land on a solution, but we liked EngageBay the most.

Conclusion: Sounds Too Good To Be True?

IN Business Ninjas’ experience with EngageBay demonstrates that significant cost savings are attainable without compromising the quality of services. To explore the possibilities of reducing your costs by over 80%, we encourage you to reach out to EngageBay. Their team is eager to collaborate with you to transform your expenditures into investments.

You can sign up for a free trial and schedule a demo with their experts or visit their website for additional information,