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Explore how Capsule CRM empowers F8 Creates to adopt a proactive stance in cultivating stronger customer relationships.


Hamish Gill, Director of F8 Creates, a branding and video agency based in Worcester with over a decade of industry experience, leads a team proficient in various services, ranging from graphic design and web development to photography and video content creation.

Given their diverse client base, ranging from large enterprises to individual entrepreneurs, F8 required a solution to efficiently manage customer data. Capsule emerged as the strategic choice, providing a user-friendly platform to monitor client interactions seamlessly and enabling team members to access vital data at any time.

Navigating Complex Challenges

F8, with its extensive array of services, faced the challenge of maintaining consistent customer relationships amidst numerous moving parts. Capsule provided a simple yet effective solution, offering a software platform that streamlines client interaction tracking and facilitates convenient access to data for team members.

“We have a lot of clients that are effectively on retainers with us, but they’re not contractually obliged to keep paying us money.”

A New Approach to Work

Capsule proved instrumental in transforming F8’s customer engagement strategies. Acting as an extension of the company’s marketing team, it aided in managing repeat customers and fostering long-lasting relationships without resorting to restrictive long-term contracts.

Proactive Relationship Management

By adopting Capsule, F8 embraced a proactive approach to customer relationships, leading to increased repeat business and larger projects. Regular outreach allowed them to understand and address clients’ content needs, contributing to the development of more effective content plans.

“If we don’t lead the relationship, the client, whether they’re paying us money regularly or not, will just forget that they need it.”

Building Stronger Relationships and Loyalty

Capsule empowered F8 to move beyond one-off projects, fostering enduring relationships with clients. This shift not only benefited clients by providing long-term solutions but also contributed to the growth of F8’s audience and business.

“Capsule helps us keep on top of these relationships. We get in touch with customers every 30 to 60 days to ask about their needs so it’s great having a load of notes in there that covers the details of the last conversation we had.”

Efficient Customer Communications

F8 has been a Capsule customer for nearly 12 years, drawn to its simplicity in comparison to other CRM options. Capsule’s straightforward interface facilitated quick implementation across the team, enabling Hamish to focus on the broader aspects of company management.

Seamless Integration Capsule seamlessly integrates with tools like Google and Freeagent, enhancing F8’s daily operations. Hamish emphasizes the importance of easy access to data for every team member, and Capsule’s compatibility with various software and platforms ensures this accessibility.

“When I get an email inquiry, I put it into Capsule’s CRM. Then when I walk out of the office and their telephone number is saved into my phone via the Google contacts integration. It’s seamless, and I don’t have to think about it. It just works.”

Capsule Solutions

  1. Enhanced Client Relationships: Capsule facilitates consistent relationships with clients of all sizes, aiding F8 in understanding customer needs and creating impactful content for business growth.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Quick access to client data improves interactions, enhances decision-making, and fosters transparent communications within the team and with clients.
  3. Centralized Data: Capsule’s extensive software integrations consolidate essential information in one accessible space, promoting collaboration among team members working from the same dataset.
  4. Qualitative Improvement: Effective use of CRM software provides detailed insights into previous client interactions, allowing for better control and understanding.

“The range of integrations makes managing client interactions much easier. You’re able to organize your day-to-day interactions and keep data centralized so that you stay on top and in control of client relationships.”

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