Case Study

A CRM for Equity Partners

Discover how YFM Equity Partners implemented Capsule CRM and  kick-started their Capsule CRM journey


YFM Equity Partners, a seasoned investment firm with a rich history dating back to 1982, has consistently supported small businesses across the UK in their growth endeavors. Committed to its core values, YFM seeks to assist entrepreneurs, owners, and management teams in the next phase of their journey through a range of buyout and growth capital funds. To ensure seamless operations and optimal support for its clients, YFM recognized the need for a comprehensive equity management solution. This case study explores how Capsule, an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform, successfully facilitated YFM’s equity management processes and enhanced overall efficiency.


Challenges Faced by YFM Equity Partners

YFM’s commitment to assisting small businesses presented unique challenges, particularly in the management of customer data. With operations spread across five different locations, maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer information proved to be a significant challenge. The absence of a centralized platform for tracking and reporting ownership changes on their cap table and updating equity documents, such as stock option plans and stock purchase agreements, created inefficiencies and complexities in their equity management workflow.

The Capsule Solution

YFM Equity Partners sought a reliable and efficient CRM solution to address their equity management needs comprehensively. After evaluating various options, they chose Capsule, a powerful CRM platform that promised to consolidate customer data, manage sales opportunities, and streamline reporting processes. Capsule offered an all-in-one solution that aligned perfectly with YFM’s requirements, making it the ideal choice for the investment firm.

Benefits and Impact

Implementing Capsule brought significant benefits to YFM Equity Partners. One of the key advantages was gaining complete visibility of their customer data, which was crucial for making well-informed investment decisions and ensuring smooth interactions with their clients. By replacing two pre-existing systems with Capsule, YFM achieved consolidation and centralization of customer information, resulting in improved efficiency and accuracy in equity management.

Viktoria Harrison, YFM’s Marketing and Business Support Manager, spoke about her experience with Capsule and how its user-friendly interface empowered her to set up a tailored CRM solution despite not being a tech expert. Capsule’s Outlook add-in played a pivotal role in boosting efficiency across the business. With a simple one-click import feature, the team could seamlessly transfer contacts from Outlook to Capsule, saving valuable time and simplifying their processes.


In conclusion, YFM Equity Partners successfully optimized their equity management processes by adopting Capsule, a comprehensive CRM platform that streamlined their operations and empowered their teams to focus on supporting small businesses across the UK. Capsule’s all-in-one solution provided complete visibility of customer data, enabling well-informed investment decisions and enhancing interactions with clients. With its user-friendly interface and time-saving features, Capsule facilitated seamless integration and efficient management of customer contacts, sales opportunities, and reporting tasks.

As YFM Equity Partners continues its journey of supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in their growth endeavors, Capsule remains a valuable asset, equipping the firm with the tools needed to excel in equity management and maintain its reputation as a reliable and dedicated investment partner.