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How to effectively manage a growing customer base

About iPlan Financial Consultancy

iPlan is a financial consultancy firm based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Despite only registering as a company in 2017, their small team holds over 30 years of experience in financial planning between them. As they continue to make a name for themselves, it looks like the sky’s the limit for this young company.

The Challenge

When you work as a financial planner, client relationships are at the heart of everything you do. After all, it’s important for a client to trust you when you are dealing with their money. iPlan’s biggest challenge was handling a growing database of clients, each with individual priorities and desires, with a relatively small team of just six people.

What’s more, iPlan’s approach to email campaigning was messy. They wanted to keep their clients in the loop with the latest news, but having to use different systems to write, personalise, send, and analyse their mass marketing was inefficient and unsophisticated.

At first, they tried to implement some larger CRM systems like HubSpot. However, they found that they were too large and overly-complicated for what they were trying to achieve. The iPlan office needed a simple, but comprehensive CRM system within which they could store and keep on top of their data.

We want to place NetHunt at the centre of our working universe. I would absolutely recommend it for any small to medium- sized company that is looking for a simple system to manage client relationships. Lyubomyr Ostapiv – Financial Planner

The Solution

Eventually, iPlan discovered NetHunt. Their team found that our system went back-to-basics, giving them all the functionality they needed within a simple, intuitive interface. NetHunt offered the opportunity to gather leads and maintain a comprehensive database of their existing clients’ data.

Their staff are now on the same page. NetHunt integrated straight into their individual Gmails, and their workflow is now highly-visible and simple to follow. Each team member knows exactly where each client is up to in their journey, and NetHunt has even given them the ability to never miss the chance to congratulate a client on their birthday. It’s the simple things that matter.

NetHunt instantly untangled iPlan’s mass-email process. The all-inclusive ‘bulk email’ feature allows them to send personalised emails to hundreds of clients at the same time. They can then see vital statistics from these campaigns within Gmail itself.

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