Case Study for Franchises : K9 Resorts – FranConnect

K9 Resorts Improves Efficiencies with FranConnect for Sales and Operations Support.

Since partnering with FranConnect, K9 Resorts launched FranConnect Sky to improve communications between corporate and franchisees, as well as streamline business efforts across the country.

K9 Resorts

K9 Resorts is an award-winning pet care facility founded in 2005 by brothers Steven and Jason Parker. K9 Resorts began franchising in January 2011, and today, the company has 10 locations throughout the East Coast, with many more in immediate development.

“Overall, FranConnect has helped us become more organized and efficient, especially on the sales end of our business. We’re able to keep better track of our leads, which ultimately helps us engage our prospective franchisees more than we were ever able to in the past. The same goes for the operations side of our business- FranConnect creates a central place for all of our current franchisee information, while at the same time keeping track of where future locations are in their development process.” Jason Parker, co-founder and co-CEO, K9 Resorts

Business Challenge – Successful Solution:

K9 Resorts was rapidly growing as a franchise company and needed a technology solution to provide support to its franchisees and improve processes. Additionally, they needed a solution to bring together corporate and franchise owners for sales and operations support, streamline processes, and help the company stay on track while developing new franchises.

K9 Resorts conducted a thorough review of technology partners and consulted with industry professionals, who all had positive feedback on FranConnect. In June 2016, the company partnered with FranConnect for sales and operations support. Within a few months of using FranConnect Sky Sales, Info Manager, and The Hub, K9 Resorts realized many business benefits, including improved lead tracking and franchisee engagement.

Key Challenges:

  • Streamline processes throughout the franchise system, from operations support to opening new units.
  • Connect corporate and local owners Improve lead tracking and candidate engagement. Business Benefits:
  • Central location for franchisees to access important business information.
  • Improved processes and efficiencies throughout the franchise system, resulting in unit growth and success.
  • Visibility in lead tracking to improve lead generation, engagement levels, and unit growth.
  • Increased engagement between corporate and franchise owners.

We’re able to keep better track of our leads, which helps us engage our prospective franchisees more than we were ever able to in the past. Jason Parker Co-Founder & CEO

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