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Transforming Global Operations: How Black Mountain Leveraged Monday Sales CRM for Unprecedented Growth


In the dynamic world of integrated outsourced solutions, Black Mountain stands out as a beacon of efficiency, providing streamlined operations for over 700 clients across 165 countries. The journey from a local player in Hong Kong to a global powerhouse has not been without challenges. Black Mountain faced the complexities of diverse HR processes, legal requirements, and cultural nuances. To conquer these hurdles and ensure seamless communication across global teams and partners, Black Mountain turned to Monday Sales CRM. The results have been nothing short of remarkable, with a 15% increase in conversion rates, over 100 manual actions saved, and a monthly time savings of over 10 hours in sales administration.

Meet Black Mountain:

Black Mountain specializes in HR and payroll solutions but extends its expertise to diverse areas such as employee benefits, company incorporation, and administration solutions. Led by Luca Pope, the Global Client Solutions Manager, Black Mountain operates globally with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, and the UK, supported by a network of regional partners. With a team of 50+ employees, Black Mountain has evolved over 25 years to become a trusted partner for companies of all sizes.

The Challenge:

As Black Mountain expanded its reach, the challenge became apparent: diverse HR processes, legal requirements, and time zone differences required a solution that could align internal teams and partners globally. Operating off spreadsheets proved unsustainable, prompting the need for a scalable and efficient CRM solution.

The Solution:

Enter Monday Sales CRM, the game-changer for Black Mountain. Luca Pope explains, “What grabbed our attention was the design and how simple it was to use. What really sold us, though, was the customer service.” The implementation team collaborated with Black Mountain to customize boards, workflows, and deal pipelines to mirror relevant data without unnecessary duplication.

Reducing Manual Efforts:

Monday Sales CRM not only streamlined data capture but also reduced manual efforts significantly. Luca notes, “The implementation team helped us create and structure boards that mirrored relevant data without duplicating information. This helped us better understand how to use a CRM properly and save a lot of time and effort.”

Providing Instant Visibility:

Automation became a cornerstone for Black Mountain’s success with Monday Sales CRM. Time-saving automations ensured that lead information seamlessly moved through the sales cycle, alerting the right stakeholders at each stage. Luca emphasizes, “It helps us make sure the right people have immediate visibility into the information they need, so we’re no longer wasting time needing to communicate customer information.”

Powering Collaboration: empowered Black Mountain to provide instant visibility to internal teams, clients, and local partners. Luca highlights, “On weekly client calls, we always know whether or not we’re on track for each country without needing to reach out to internal team members or our localized partners.”

One Source of Truth for Reporting:

Monday Sales CRM became the single source of truth for advanced reporting, replacing cumbersome spreadsheets. Luca states, “The amount of time we save by being able to easily obtain the right lists for marketing activities or cross-selling opportunities for the Sales team is so valuable.”

Beyond Sales: A Multifaceted Solution:

Luca concludes, “Monday Sales CRM has become more than just a sales tool. Teams at Black Mountain are using the platform to manage internal error logs, compliance processes, marketing campaigns, and more. We’re doing a lot more than we ever thought possible, and this is just the beginning.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of global operations, Black Mountain’s journey with Monday Sales CRM stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative solutions in fostering unprecedented growth and efficiency.


“Everyone loves monday sales CRM. Almost immediately, we hear how easy it is to use and how much value it brings.” – Luca Pope | Global Client Solutions Manager, Black Mountain