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Freshsales has been selected by Effective Solutions to oversee and improve its sales performance.


Effective Solutions (EFF), a prominent Mexican IT integrator based in Puebla City with over 15 years of experience, has been instrumental in facilitating the digital transformation of numerous companies, ensuring swift and efficient customer interactions throughout its distinguished history.

Central to EFF’s operational philosophy is a commitment to meeting with customers and comprehending their Customer Experience (CX) requirements. Seeking to enhance customer relationships and elevate engagement, EFF sought to transition from its existing CRM solution to a more forward-looking tool that offered scalability as the company expanded.

After a thorough evaluation process, EFF opted for Freshsales due to its user-friendly interface, ongoing enhancements, and its capacity to elevate customer satisfaction.

The Seamless Transition to Freshsales The implementation of Freshsales was executed swiftly and seamlessly, with no disruptions or loss of critical processes experienced by the EFF team. The integration process was facilitated by the Freshworks team, ensuring that both current and future needs of EFF were addressed effectively.

As part of this transition, EFF also migrated its email hosting from Yahoo to Microsoft, seamlessly integrating with Freshsales. The synchronization of email accounts with the CRM has proven to be advantageous in managing team workloads and performance. Notably, Freshsales provides real-time tracking and notifications for overdue actions or pending tasks, contributing to enhanced efficiency. The streamlined processes have resonated well with the EFF team, who appreciate the ability to access the CRM dashboard on mobile devices, further facilitating their workflow.

“It’s a very intuitive platform and very useful for sales. I can view my deals and add my notes. The platform is very user-friendly.”  Founder Effective Solutions

Following the successful implementation of Freshsales CRM, EFF has significantly enhanced its focus on customer demands through context-driven sales. The tool has fortified EFF’s control over sales performance by offering the following key capabilities:

  1. Analytics and Forecasting: Freshsales CRM provides EFF with robust analytics and forecasting features, empowering the organization to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
  2. Complete Customer Visibility: The CRM platform ensures complete visibility into customer interactions, allowing EFF to understand customer needs and preferences more comprehensively.
  3. Personalized and Contextual Messaging: EFF benefits from personalized and contextual messaging capabilities, enabling more targeted and effective communication with clients.

EFF strategically leverages multiple features within Freshsales CRM, including workflow automation, third-party integrations, social media unification, and lead management.

Since transitioning to Freshsales, EFF has streamlined the identification and categorization of new leads, resulting in more accurate and efficient lead management. The CRM system consolidates all relevant data and information about each customer, empowering the sales team to identify suitable leads promptly and prioritize opportunities that lead to successful deal closures. Simultaneously, the marketing team can pinpoint contacts that require additional attention and nurture them into quality leads. Freshsales offers a quick overview of accounts with future potential, facilitating proactive connection.

The integration of analytics and forecasting into sales performance monitoring has emerged as a pivotal aspect for EFF, contributing to a more informed and strategic approach in managing and enhancing sales outcomes.

“Sales analytics is one of the most valuable features of the Freshsales CRM. We can analyze the data of past campaigns and use them to create better sales campaigns in the future. Freshsales helps us collect data from social media, polls, and website traffic and analyze and evaluate it, all within the same software!”  Founder –  Effective Solutions

In addition to Freshsales, EFF has seamlessly integrated Freshdesk into its operations, a move designed to expedite value realization by empowering teams to engage in meaningful omnichannel conversations with customers. The synergistic use of Freshsales and Freshdesk ensures a continuous flow of customer data from the support center to the sales department, enhancing overall management and facilitating timely data updates.

Looking Ahead In the current landscape, the client onboarding process at EFF spans from a few weeks to several years. Given this varied timeframe, diligent monitoring of key metrics becomes imperative to enhance the efficiency and productivity of teams.

EFF places a strategic focus on measuring the relevance of closing ratios and the quality of the sales pipeline. The team is actively exploring multiple avenues to gather comprehensive information, including insights from the sales pipeline related to meetings and follow-ups, the various stages of each customer’s journey, the latest deals, the operational base of the pipeline, the database, and campaign tracking efforts.