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 Mabel’s Labels uses EngageBay for Optimizing Customer Support Efficiency 


Mabel’s Labels, a prominent provider of personalized, waterproof name labels for children, faced a critical challenge in their customer support operations. The team grappled with prolonged customer support handling times, hindered by inefficient manual processes that not only made it difficult for managers to track agent performance but also impeded the progress of performance improvement initiatives.

The Challenge

Mabel’s Labels identified a pressing issue in their customer support operations characterized by extended handling times and a lack of transparency in tracking agent performance. The reliance on inefficient manual processes not only hindered the team’s ability to promptly address customer queries but also posed a significant barrier to implementing and monitoring performance improvement initiatives.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, Mabel’s Labels implemented strategic changes centered around Help Scout’s email automation and knowledge base features. The primary objective was to enhance self-service options for customers, consequently reducing the overall volume of incoming emails and improving the efficiency of customer support operations.

Implementation Details

Mabel’s Labels strategically leveraged Help Scout’s email automation tools to streamline their customer support workflows. Automation played a pivotal role in expediting responses to common queries, allowing the team to allocate resources more efficiently.

Additionally, the integration of Help Scout’s knowledge base features empowered customers to find answers independently. This not only reduced the burden on customer support agents but also contributed to an overall improvement in the customer experience.

The Results

The implementation of Help Scout’s email automation and knowledge base features yielded significant and measurable results for Mabel’s Labels.

  1. Email Volume Reduction: The team reported an impressive 58% reduction in email volume. This reduction not only signaled a more streamlined and efficient customer support process but also freed up valuable resources for more complex and critical customer inquiries.
  2. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score: Mabel’s Labels achieved a remarkable CSAT score of better than 90%. This notable improvement underscored the positive impact of the implemented changes on the overall customer experience, indicating a higher level of satisfaction among customers.
  3. FAQ Page Engagement: The utilization of Help Scout’s knowledge base features resulted in a substantial increase in FAQ page visits, surging by 122%. This demonstrated a significant shift towards customer self-service, highlighting the success of the strategy to empower customers with readily available information.


Mabel’s Labels successfully addressed the challenges plaguing their customer support operations by adopting a strategic approach centered around Help Scout’s email automation and knowledge base features. The remarkable reduction in email volume, coupled with a notable increase in customer satisfaction and engagement with the FAQ page, showcased the efficacy of the implemented solutions.

By embracing technology to enhance efficiency and empower customers with self-service options, Mabel’s Labels not only improved their customer support operations but also laid the foundation for continued excellence in delivering personalized, waterproof name labels for kids. This case study serves as a testament to the positive impact that well-implemented technology solutions can have on streamlining processes and elevating customer satisfaction in a business setting.