A CRM for Private Investigative Firms

Discover how Capsule CRM helps Haagsch Recherchebureau get visibility and control of their business in this case study.


Capsule CRM has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing operational efficiency and strategic planning at Haagsch Recherchebureau, a distinguished private investigative firm headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. The transformative impact of Capsule CRM on the organization, led by Jan-Paul Kreukniet and his team, is evident in several key aspects:

Addressing Business Needs:

In the dynamic realm of private investigation, where cases unfold through diverse communication channels, the management of information from various sources is paramount. Capsule CRM provides a comprehensive solution, facilitating effective collaboration with teams, suppliers, and authorities.


“I receive tips, client communications, and supply details from lots of different places. Before Capsule, I had no way to centralize this information in one place, in a secure system.”  Jan-Paul Kreukniet


Visualizing Pipeline and Project Growth:

Critical for any successful business, the ability to visualize pipeline and project growth was lacking at Haagsch Recherchebureau. Capsule CRM rectified this by offering a holistic view of the sales pipeline, empowering informed decision-making and strategic business expansion planning.

Implementation of Capsule:

Jan-Paul Kreukniet strategically implemented Capsule CRM to overcome challenges, witnessing immediate positive outcomes. Capsule played a pivotal role in scaling the business, aiding in growth planning, investment identification, and the enhancement of client services.


“What I love about Capsule is how flexible it is. The majority of apps I use are supported, helping me streamline lots of business operations and activities in a single system.”  Jan-Paul Kreukniet


Benefits of Capsule CRM:

  1. Strategic Planning: Capsule CRM became an instrumental tool for strategic planning, providing a comprehensive overview for informed decision-making and investments.
  2. Project Management: Capsule’s Projects feature streamlined project management and client communication, simplifying task assignment, tracking communications, actions, and attachments in a user-friendly interface.
  3. Time Savings: Capsule significantly saved time by consolidating information into a single platform, eliminating the need for paper-based systems and enhancing overall efficiency.

Flexibility and Rapid Time-to-Value:

Jan-Paul highlighted Capsule CRM’s standout features—flexibility and rapid time-to-value. The solution’s quick implementation and adaptability were particularly valuable for Haagsch Recherchebureau, setting Capsule apart from other CRM solutions.


“The Sales Pipeline features have helped me manage my whole pipeline. From a financial perspective, I can now see how much revenue is projected to come in and plan accordingly.”  Jan-Paul Kreukniet


Centralized Information:

Capsule served as a centralized repository for all case-related information, eliminating the need for multiple tools and manual data entry. This centralized approach improved collaboration, streamlined workflows, and enhanced overall efficiency.

Key Insights:

  1. Unified Communications: Capsule emerged as the central hub for all business communications, ensuring critical tips or messages never slipped through the cracks.
  2. Effective Project Management: The Projects feature in Capsule transformed how Jan-Paul and his team managed cases, offering a unified and easy-to-use platform for tracking and lead assignments.
  3. Sales Pipeline Optimization: Capsule provided a 360-degree view of projected revenue, enabling more informed business decisions and growth planning for Haagsch Recherchebureau.
  4. Adaptability and Speed: Capsule stood out for its flexibility and capability to deliver tangible business benefits rapidly, thanks to integration features, user-friendly design, and robust support.


Capsule CRM is not merely a software choice for Haagsch Recherchebureau; it stands as a strategic partner in their success. Offering a tailored solution for the unique challenges of a private investigative firm, Capsule CRM has become an indispensable tool for Jan-Paul Kreukniet and his team, fostering strategic planning, efficient project management, time savings, and unparalleled flexibility. To take control of your business as Jan-Paul did, start your 14-day free trial today.