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Unveiling the Chapters: O’Leary Publishing’s Thrilling Odyssey with Capsule CRM!


Capsule’s Impact on O’Leary Publishing’s Path to Efficiency and Growth


O’Leary Publishing, led by owner April O’Leary, embarked on a transformative journey in 2019 when they integrated Capsule into their operations. This case study explores how Capsule, a versatile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and project management tool, became an indispensable asset in shaping O’Leary Publishing’s trajectory towards enhanced productivity, centralized operations, and future scalability.

Navigating the Dynamic World of Publishing:

In the dynamic realm of independent book publishing, April O’Leary wears many hats. From marketing and sales management to project coordination and client services, the intricacies of running a publishing company demand a tool that can seamlessly manage diverse roles within the team. Capsule emerged as the solution, allowing O’Leary Publishing to distribute responsibilities effectively among team members.

April reflects on the challenges of managing a plethora of tasks scattered across various platforms, noting the overwhelming nature of attempting to consolidate information manually. The need for a CRM and project management tool was evident, and the decision to adopt Capsule was facilitated by April’s husband, who had successfully utilized it in his private law practice for a decade.

“The way I was working was inefficient and confusing for the small team we had at O’Leary Publishing when we launched in 2019. It didn’t take long to realize we needed a central place for all of our daily work activities, tasks, clients, vendors, and more.”

Capsule as the Cornerstone:

Capsule swiftly ingrained itself as an integral component of O’Leary Publishing’s operations. Leveraging the Contact Management feature, April and her team efficiently organize client communications, integrating seamlessly with G-Suite and eliminating the need for lengthy email chains. The ability to log into Capsule and instantly grasp the sales pipeline status or project priorities ensures a streamlined workflow and autonomy for the remote team.

The complexity of publishing projects, involving multiple contributors at different stages, necessitates robust project management. Capsule’s Projects and Tracks features become invaluable, enabling O’Leary Publishing to organize each book title systematically. April elaborates on the utility of Tracks, highlighting their role in executing repeatable and predictable tasks in each book production. This streamlined approach ensures that the administrative side of the business operates smoothly, from lead acceptance to project completion.

“Being able to take Capsule to any meeting, any place is extremely powerful. I have the app on my iPhone! It means I can take my business anywhere I need it to be and access my contacts and projects with ease.”

Support with a Human Touch:

What sets Capsule apart, according to April, is the exceptional human touch embedded in their support system. Unlike the typical apprehension associated with interacting with tech support, April emphasizes the positive experience with Capsule’s support team. This aspect adds a layer of personalization to the partnership, elevating Capsule beyond a mere software solution to a collaborative ally.

“Every person I’ve spoken with has been really friendly, personable, and most importantly, very helpful! They’ve even given me ideas on how I can use Capsule to run my business in more efficient and effective ways. I don’t know what I’d do without it at this point.”

Conclusion: Stability and Scalability with Capsule:

Through embracing Capsule, O’Leary Publishing achieved more than just operational efficiency. They centralized their operations, ensuring a unified solution for tasks ranging from client communications to project management. The Projects and Tracks features elevated productivity, guaranteeing meticulous planning and execution of each project. Looking ahead, Capsule’s Sales Pipeline promises to further enhance business operations and facilitate O’Leary Publishing’s growth journey.

In essence, Capsule provided stability and scalability for O’Leary Publishing. As a tool that not only meets but exceeds expectations, Capsule has become an inseparable part of O’Leary Publishing’s success story. The case of O’Leary Publishing illustrates how the right CRM and project management tool can transcend functionality, evolving into a genuine partner for businesses aiming for efficiency, growth, and lasting success.