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Stacey Langford – A Full-time Mama and Farmer –  is Growing Her Business with ConvertKit



Stacey Langford, a dedicated full-time mother and working farmer with over a decade of experience in agriculture, values authentic relationships over flashy sales tactics. In her pursuit of growth, she chose ConvertKit as her email marketing solution, allowing her to achieve a remarkable 25% year-over-year growth on autopilot.

The Challenge: So Many Emails, So Little Time:

Stacey, while juggling her roles as a farmer and mother, writes the “Farm Family” email newsletter every Tuesday. Despite not being an email marketer by trade, she understands the importance of timely communication for her farm business. The challenge arises when the demands of the farm, affected by weather changes and crop readiness, clash with her need to send out crucial emails.

There is nothing more powerful than allowing your audience to feel seen. People crave real connection. Relationships, not transactions. Folks are wise to the ways of online marketers and are increasingly tuning out or turning off the firehose of content.

Stacey faces a dilemma—she can’t sell her crops without email, yet the farm requires immediate attention. To navigate this, she sought a solution that aligned with her values and business objectives.

I am inviting my folks into my week on the farm, the things that brought me joy or broke me open. I don’t do any paid advertising, and I don’t do social media. All of my retail business comes from this channel. This one email generates between $800 and $2,500 in sales each week.

The Solution: Using ConvertKit Automations to Grow on Her Timeline:

ConvertKit proved to be the answer for Stacey, allowing her to automate her email processes while maintaining the authenticity of her business. Every new subscriber receives a personalized welcome sequence introducing Stacey, the farm, and what they can expect from the Farm Family newsletter. Stacey prioritizes long-term relationships over quick sales, ensuring a genuine connection with her audience.

I chose ConvertKit because it had a wide range of available integrations and seemed pretty robust but simple enough for a one-woman show to learn and use regularly. It’s crucial for me to be able to leverage my time as efficiently as possible, and ConvertKit has been the best tool for the job.

The strategic use of automated email sequences extends beyond newsletters to include digital products. Stacey launched an online, email-based course called “Slow in Seven,” designed for those seeking a business approach rooted in a slower pace of life. These digital products not only contribute to the farm’s growth but also drive high-intent leads to Stacey’s 1:1 coaching business.

The Result: A Six-Figure Business Without Paid Ads:

Thanks to the automated loops created with ConvertKit, Stacey experiences impressive growth without the need for constant manual input. This approach enables her to market her business even when she’s occupied with farm responsibilities.

My welcome sequence allows me to show up as myself right from the start in a way that humanizes me and my business. A well-designed automated welcome sequence saves you time at both the front and back end. I never sell in the welcome sequence, but use it to ask questions and get to know my customers better, leading to better service and more confident marketing.

Unlike chasing social media trends, Stacey focuses on deepening connections with her audience. ConvertKit empowers her to balance her roles as a present mother and a committed farmer, all while growing her business organically and authentically, without the pressure of feeling salesy.

Using an automated welcome sequence for onboarding, and then writing consistently each week, has allowed my tiny family farm to grow from 25-50% year-over-year for every year we’ve used it.


In summary,

Stacey’s journey with ConvertKit showcases how a thoughtful and automated email marketing strategy can fuel substantial business growth while aligning with personal values.