A CRM for Specialists in B2B Commercial Prospecting

Recom, a B2B commercial prospecting specialist, found itself facing challenges as its steady growth outpaced the capabilities of its prospecting team.


Recom, a B2B commercial prospecting specialist, found itself facing challenges as its steady growth outpaced the capabilities of its prospecting team. The need for a more efficient and scalable solution became evident. This case study explores how Recom overcame these challenges and achieved a fivefold increase in customers with the implementation of NetHunt CRM.

The Challenge: As Recom expanded, manual communication with potential customers became increasingly time-consuming. Duplicating and reproducing effective processes for each client was daunting. Additionally, the absence of a reporting system for clients without CRM access posed a significant challenge.


“Our previous system missed two critical features – workflows to automate our processes and organise prioritisation of tasks, as well as a visually-appealing reporting system to share stats with our clients. NetHunt CRM was a game changer for us.” Jeoffrey Burton – Performance Manager at Recom

Criteria for CRM Selection: Recom set strict criteria for selecting a CRM system crucial for lead generation, project management, and growth marketing teams. These included integration with an email provider, a short learning curve, contact management, lead prioritization, multiple sales pipelines, email marketing functionality, tasks, reporting, easy system reproduction, sales automation, and proactive customer support.

Data Centralization with NetHunt CRM: NetHunt CRM enabled Recom to centralize and structure vast amounts of data collected daily from prospects and clients. The CRM stored all communication channels’ touchpoints, including call logs, chats, and emails, associated with each prospect, ensuring a comprehensive view for their business developers.

Statistical Fields for Lead Prioritization: By tracking opens and link-clicks, Recom used statistical fields to categorize leads as cold or warm, facilitating prioritization. Prospects’ reactions to email sequences determined their qualification status, allowing the team to tailor their approach based on prospect behavior.

Duplication of Systems: Operating in agency mode, Recom needed to replicate effective processes for each client. NetHunt CRM streamlined this process, allowing users to create folders for individual clients, add unlimited prospecting lists, and duplicate workflows. This flexibility empowered Recom to track the impact of automated sequences on sales pipelines.

Standardized and Automated Workflows: Prior to NetHunt CRM, Recom manually managed email sequences, a task prone to inefficiencies as the client list grew. With NetHunt CRM, Recom automated entire email sequences triggered by pipeline movements. This ensured timely and consistent communication, increasing the chances of closing deals.

“For me, as a business developer, task reminders are the feature that I like most. I may have up to four clients at a time with thousands of prospects for each one. When I get replies to get back to clients – next week, next month, next quarter – it’s impossible to remember everything. When I get the reply like this, I instantly create a task linked to the client’s CRM record, get timely reminders to follow-up.” Nesrine Gaceur Business Developer at Recom

Task Reminders for Increased Close Rates: NetHunt CRM’s task management feature helped Recom’s business developers stay organized and engaged with multiple clients simultaneously. Automatic reminders facilitated timely follow-ups, deal closures, and lead nurturing, enhancing the overall efficiency of the team.

Integration with Looker Studio for Reporting: Recom’s clients received daily reports, overcoming the challenge of limited CRM access. NetHunt CRM’s integration with Looker Studio allowed for the creation of visually appealing, data-rich reports. This not only met client expectations but also strengthened the client-business relationship.

Access to NetHunt Product and Customer Teams: The close relationship between Recom and NetHunt was reinforced by the accessibility of NetHunt’s Customer Success team. Instant answers to business-related queries ensured the seamless operation of Recom’s CRM, a critical component for any business.

Results: The adoption of NetHunt CRM has yielded tangible, profitable results for Recom. The key outcomes include:

  • +20-25 New Qualified Sales Leads per Month: Automation and pipeline tracking contributed to a steady influx of qualified leads.
  • 5X Increase in New Clients: Standardized and automated lead nurturing processes resulted in a significant expansion of Recom’s client base.
  • 2 Hours Saved per Week for Every Person: Automated sequences and direct integrations with other tools streamlined workflows, leading to substantial time savings.
  • 3X Faster Onboarding: The efficiency gained from NetHunt CRM facilitated quicker onboarding processes, enabling Recom to adapt to new clients and projects swiftly.

Conclusion: NetHunt CRM emerged as a catalyst for Recom’s growth, addressing their specific needs and challenges. The streamlined workflows, automated processes, and robust reporting capabilities significantly contributed to a more efficient and productive business operation. As Recom continues to operate with NetHunt CRM at its core, the case stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-integrated CRM system in the realm of B2B commercial prospecting.