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Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Collaboration in Healthcare: A Case Study on How Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust Utilizes

Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust, a vital component of the National Health Services of England, serves the healthcare needs of over half a million people annually across its three hospital sites and through extensive home and community care services. Despite its independent operations, the trust frequently collaborates on large-scale projects with national teams, primary and social care organizations, and other acute secondary trusts.

Challenges Faced: In its pursuit of delivering optimal care, Mid Yorkshire identified the need for a robust digital work software solution. The organization faced challenges in project visibility, data consistency, and accountability. Coordinating numerous ongoing projects was proving to be time-consuming, with stakeholders resorting to multiple inquiries for updates and sorting through scattered documents.

Search for a Solution: Tom Mitchell, Digital Business Change Manager, and Kat Poole, Associate Director for Digital Services, outlined the trust’s requirements for flexible and adaptable software that could foster collaborative teamwork. The search for a suitable platform led them to, particularly as Tom discovered its successful implementation by Mid Yorks’ Community Transformation Program Director.

Implementation of’s intuitive interface and flexibility appealed to Mid Yorkshire, leading to a swift adoption process, even with teams working remotely. The digital PMO (project management office) collaborated with’s customer success team to tailor the platform to the trust’s project processes, resulting in improved efficiency across various aspects such as training, tasks, reporting, and budgeting.

Centralizing Project Budget Planning: A standout use case emerged in the centralization of project budget planning for the next 10 years. Previously managed in a complex spreadsheet, the transition to streamlined the budgeting process, providing accessible and functional plans. Stakeholders could now easily prioritize, assign, and update project statuses, leading to clearer insights and informed decision-making.

Real-time Data Management and Stakeholder Engagement:’s user-friendly interface facilitated increased engagement across teams. Stakeholders found it easy to manage their budgets and spending, contributing to a cultural shift within the organization. Notifications and automatic updates eliminated the need for manual follow-ups, saving time and fostering a more collaborative work environment.

Instant Visualized Reporting for Informed Decision-Making: Kat Poole experienced significant time savings in strategic planning and monthly reporting to Mid Yorks’ capital group. Clear visualizations provided by allowed for quick decision-making at a higher strategic level, enhancing reporting to the larger NHS.

Consistency and Scalability: The positive impact of at Mid Yorkshire is evident in the increasing demand for licenses across the organization. As the trust scales its healthcare services, the platform offers consistent reporting, ensuring clarity and alignment across diverse teams, ultimately contributing to higher-level strategic planning.

Continuous Improvement with Mid Yorkshire views as an evolving tool, recognizing its potential for continuous improvement. The organization remains committed to exploring additional functionalities that can further enhance information accessibility and streamline processes, making life easier for its stakeholders.