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Learn how integrating QuickBooks with Capsule can help your business. See what Hywel Thomas, owner of Zigger Web Design has to say.


Who are Zigger Web Design ?

In the realm of web design, Zigger Web Design has seamlessly transitioned from the whimsical to the conservative, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from schools to dentists. This seasoned entity has crafted numerous websites, each a testament to their commitment to excellence. Specializing in serving individuals and small businesses situated in Surrey, Zigger Web Design takes pride in delivering not only exceptional websites but also comprehensive services encompassing domains, emails, hosting, marketing, and more.

Situated in close proximity to Kingston, Zigger Web Design boasts a decade-long legacy of developing affordable, tailor-made websites tailored specifically for local businesses. With a noteworthy Google 5 Star Rating and an impressive portfolio of over 300 sites, they stand as a trusted and established presence in the web design landscape.

Capsule & Zigger Web Design Case Study

Capsule exudes a fervent dedication to empowering businesses of various scales to reach their utmost potential. Acknowledging that significant strides in this endeavor often involve seamless collaborations with other applications, Capsule emphasizes the pivotal role played by integrations in the corporate landscape.

While it holds true that each business possesses its unique workflow and array of integrations, one stands out as particularly crucial—the integration linking Capsule with accounting software. In a recent discussion, Hywel Thomas, the proprietor of Zigger Web Design, elaborated on the intricacies of establishing and leveraging the integration between Capsule and QuickBooks. Through this insightful dialogue, he shed light on how this potent amalgamation shapes and enhances his day-to-day operations.

Click to watch conversation with Hywel Thomas

According to Hywel’s insights, the integration with QuickBooks provided by Capsule proves exceptionally straightforward to establish. Activating this integration brings forth several advantages, allowing users to:

  1. Eliminate the need for redundant data entry, resulting in time savings.
  2. Monitor the progress of their workflow for each client systematically.
  3. Exercise greater control over tasks that have been invoiced and settled, enhancing overall efficiency and organization.

Their QuickBooks integration page has more information about how Capsule and QuickBooks work together.

They also have a helpful QuickBooks support page that outlines how to set up the integration if you’re already using Capsule, but if you need any help please contact the Support Team.

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