CRM Case Study

CRM for Outsourcing Companies :

Eufonie uses Time Doctor successfully


“Time Doctor’s Workday Insights and real-time monitoring helped increase our overall productivity by 30%.” Johan le Bail

Headquartered in Madagascar, Eufonie is a renowned BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company. Johan Le Bail, its founder and CEO, launched the company in 2012 with the goal of providing top-notch, adaptable, and affordable outsourcing services accessible round the clock and speaking five different languages.

Eufonie provides a range of outsourcing options, such as managing customer relations, moderating content, data handling, and call center operations.


Maintaining Responsibility and Adaptability with a Distant Team

Eufonie’s clients had a lot of questions when the workforce suddenly transitioned to remote. This posed a challenge to Johan to develop a solution that was more than just tracking time and surveillance. This necessitated a tool that would enable the company to have insight and invent methods to make sure their clients’ work was accomplished promptly.

Ensuring High Standards to Retain Your Clientele

Eufonie faced an exceptional set of difficulties when transitioning to a remote workforce in Madagascar. The majority of the personnel lacked both a personal computer and a dependable web connection. Johan was aware that personnel would be delighted to receive these resources, and so wanted to ensure that managers could keep an eye on productivity without restricting agents’ ability to show their responsibility in an effortless and supple manner.

A Possible Answer

Time Doctor has provided us with not only monitoring, but with much more. As compared to our earlier in-office situation, we now have the capacity to give our clients greater control and insight.

Johan conducted his research and concluded that utilizing Time Doctor would be the best option for Eufonie to offer its customers innovative solutions, and to foster a more productive and efficient remote team. Time Doctor can provide the necessary data and accountability for leaders to offer the kind of flexible and remote work that employees crave.

Johan experienced great success using Time Doctor’s screencasts, enabling him to demonstrate his output to customers in real-time and identify areas of improvement with employee instruction.

Utilizing Time Doctor can be a beneficial way to train and assess the effectiveness of everyday operations. It allows us to recognize which tasks are simpler or more difficult for workers than what can be evaluated in a typical office setting. Johan le Bail

Johan le Bail is the Person of Note

Eufonie is a process of creating music through the use of sound waves. It is a form of auditory art that is produced by combining various sounds together in order to create a unique soundscape. The sounds can be anything from traditional instruments to synthesizers and sound effects. The artist is able to manipulate the sound waves to create something entirely new and unique.


The findings of this research can be summarized in the form of results.

Eufonie experienced an increase in employee productivity after introducing Time Doctor. The available-time data enabled management to even out workloads and recognize areas needing further training, leading to improved efficiency. This data also enabled the leadership to have confidence in the work being completed, allowing them to grant team members more autonomy and adaptability.

The Client Login Access Feature provided by Time Doctor was instrumental in boosting client satisfaction. This feature allows Eufonie’s clients to track their agents’ progress every day and to inspect real-time measurements of their performance. This provides customers with the reassurance and evidence that Eufonie’s agents are functioning productively.

Johan pointed out that Time Doctor has facilitated Eufonie’s ability to produce higher yields and retain clients, while also enabling a successful remote work atmosphere that has kept the company running. According to a recent internal survey, 95% of Eufonie employees are pleased with the remote work setting and the usage of Time Doctor.

Time Doctor has been an integral part of our success in getting through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Summary Points

  • Eufonie utilizes monitoring to ensure that client tasks are completed on budget and within scope.
  • Time Doctor’s Workday Insights assists Eufonie in recognizing the necessity and efficacy of training. This enabled them to implement a system wherein management reviews recordings to verify that staff comprehend the newly introduced procedures.

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  • Eufonie achieved greater gains in their profitability by employing Time Doctor data to retain customers and adjust rates according to the amount of time spent on client jobs.
  • By using Time Doctor, the Eufonie team was able to observe where their time was allotted and pin down areas that could be improved to amplify their productivity.

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