A CRM for Photographers

Experience the success story of OneThreeOneFour, where NetHunt CRM has become the backbone of their operational excellence, fostering growth, collaboration, and client satisfaction.


Elevate Your Workflow with NetHunt CRM: A OneThreeOneFour Success Story

Revolutionizing Destination Wedding Photography and Videography

Discover the seamless synergy between OneThreeOneFour, a key player in the global destination wedding photography scene, and NetHunt CRM, the catalyst behind their streamlined operations. As part of Scott Ng’s entrepreneurial ventures, OneThreeOneFour has evolved into a leading platform connecting couples with skilled photographers worldwide. However, their growth posed a challenge in managing vast amounts of data efficiently. The solution? NetHunt CRM.

The Initial Challenge: Spreadsheet Overload

Initially relying on spreadsheets for contact and deal tracking, OneThreeOneFour encountered inefficiencies and chaos as the company expanded. The need for a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system became evident. But what specific features were they seeking?

Seeking CRM Excellence

OneThreeOneFour’s checklist for an ideal CRM system included:

  • Tight integration with Gmail
  • Seamless integration with WhatsApp
  • Informative timeline for comprehensive client relationship history
  • Collaborative functionality
  • Competitive pricing with proactive customer service

NetHunt CRM Emerges as the Perfect Fit

1. Flexibility and Customization

NetHunt CRM provided OneThreeOneFour with unparalleled customization capabilities, allowing them to tailor the system to their unique needs. Custom stages and folders facilitated efficient segmentation, crucial for managing sister companies while sharing a workspace.

2. Comprehensive Timeline Functionality

The timeline feature emerged as a simple yet invaluable tool. It offered Scott Ng insights into the entire communication history with leads, including messages, call transcripts, and documents. This feature proved instrumental in identifying and resolving potential communication issues within the team.

3. Global Collaboration Tools

With teams scattered globally, OneThreeOneFour needed robust collaboration features. NetHunt CRM’s shared database, dedicated notes section, and @mention functionality enabled efficient communication across distributed sales teams.

4. Views and Filters for Sales Process Optimization

Highly customizable views empowered OneThreeOneFour to gain unprecedented insights into their sales processes and customer relationships. Identifying bottlenecks and filtering out irrelevant customers became a breeze.

5. Web Form Automation with Workflows

NetHunt CRM’s workflows automated the capture of leads through web forms, streamlining the initiation of customer journeys down the sales funnel.

6. Gmail Integration for Centralized CRM Experience

NetHunt CRM’s integration with Gmail unified OneThreeOneFour’s CRM experience into a single tab, simplifying day-to-day processes.

7. WhatsApp Integration for Modern Communication

Recognizing the importance of aligning with customer communication preferences, OneThreeOneFour eagerly awaited and embraced the NetHunt CRM WhatsApp integration. Now, all customer interactions are consolidated into a neat customer card.

8. Competitive Pricing for Small Business Sustainability

Unlike expensive alternatives, NetHunt CRM offered competitive pricing, making it accessible and sustainable for small businesses like OneThreeOneFour.

The Results: A Transformative Impact

The implementation of NetHunt CRM delivered significant benefits for OneThreeOneFour:

  1. Improved Team Collaboration: Members now seamlessly collaborate through a shared database, transcending geographical boundaries.
  2. More Data-Driven Decisions: Custom sales pipelines provide deeper insights into the sales process, enabling informed decision-making.
  3. Effective Team Management: The timeline feature facilitates progress monitoring, bottleneck identification, and KPI tracking.
  4. Enhanced Client Communication: Engaging customers through preferred apps, such as WhatsApp, has strengthened rapport and service delivery.

Experience the success story of OneThreeOneFour, where NetHunt CRM has become the backbone of their operational excellence, fostering growth, collaboration, and client satisfaction.