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"LiveAgent: Comprehensive help desk software with real-time chat, automation, and customer personalization, streamlining customer service."

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24th October 2023
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What is LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a comprehensive Help Desk and live-chat software that empowers you to infuse personalization into your customer interactions through an all-in-one help desk solution. It features the fastest chat widget available in the market. LiveAgent leverages the capabilities of an omnichannel universal inbox, real-time live chat, an integrated call center, and a robust customer service portal. Enhance your communication with customer segmentation, automation, a built-in CRM, a powerful analytics package, and a customer knowledge base. Live chat is a pivotal element of client interaction software, acting as a crucial tool in the realm of customer service. This software technology is specifically crafted to facilitate real-time communication between customers and their support representatives. Instead of relying on traditional means like phone calls or emails, customers can initiate live chat sessions directly on a company’s website, simplifying the interaction process.

Understanding Live Chat in Customer Service

The Browser-Based Advantage: Live chat operates entirely within a web browser, eliminating the need for users to download any additional software. In the contemporary business landscape, the incorporation of live chat into websites has become indispensable for building and sustaining a successful customer service strategy. This extends to platforms like WordPress, where live chat is a feature that can significantly differentiate a website from its competitors.

The Significance of Live Chat in Customer Service: Live chat holds profound importance in the domain of customer service for several compelling reasons:

  • Swift Responses: Live chat empowers customers to obtain nearly immediate answers to their queries.
  • Real-Time Assistance: It provides real-time support, ensuring that customers’ concerns are addressed without delay.
  • Minimal Effort for Customers: The initiation of live chat requires minimal effort on the part of customers, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Customer Expectations: Modern consumers have come to expect businesses to offer live chat as a communication channel.
  • Competitive Edge: Incorporating live chat can confer a competitive advantage, setting a business apart.
  • Cost-Effective: It presents a cost-effective solution that can boost sales, engagement, and customer retention.

LiveAgent’s Live Chat Features

LiveAgent offers a comprehensive array of 15 live chat features to enhance customer service

  1. Chat Button: Users can customize their chat button’s appearance and placement on their website, including color, animation, hover effect, mobile options, and Z index. Alternatively, they can choose from a selection of predefined chat buttons.
  2. Real-Time Chat: LiveAgent enables real-time communication between website visitors and customer support representatives. Notifications alert agents when a user initiates a chat.
  3. Proactive Chat Invitations: This feature allows businesses to proactively offer assistance to website visitors, customizing invitation buttons and defining the conditions for their display, such as after a specified period of inactivity on a particular web page.
  4. Chat Button Gallery: A gallery of ready-made chat buttons simplifies customization and embedding, providing multiple styles and positions.
  5. Chat Button Animations: Animations can be added to chat buttons to engage and direct the attention of website visitors effectively.
  6. Chat Window Docking: The chat window can be docked to the left or right side of a website, offering notifications for new messages.
  7. Chats Overview: This feature provides a holistic view of online visitors, chatting visitors, visitors in the queue, and available agents, displaying their geographical locations on a map.
  8. Chat History: LiveAgent allows users to access past and current chats, facilitating searches through various filters.
  9. Online Visitors: Agents can monitor visitors’ IP addresses, referrers, geographical locations, current URLs on the site, and their browsing duration.
  10. Chat Distribution: Various distribution methods are available, including random assignment, pre-set priorities, ‘ring to all,’ average utilization, and max utilization.
  11. Real-Time Typing View: Agents can see what customers are typing in real-time, allowing for faster issue resolution.
  12. Chat Embedded Tracking: LiveAgent offers event tracking for live chat sessions in Google Analytics, including the start and end of chats, agent and customer messages.
  13. Max Queue Length: Businesses can set queue limits, ensuring the live chat button’s availability adjusts automatically when queues reach capacity.
  14. Internal Chat: Agents can engage in internal chat conversations, simplifying collaboration and file sharing.
  15. Current URL of Live Chat Visitor: LiveAgent provides insight into the web pages visitors are browsing, enhancing contextual understanding.

Additional Chat Features:

LiveAgent also offers supplementary features that enhance the efficiency of customer support:

  1. Universal Inbox: A centralized inbox for managing various customer service channels simultaneously.
  2. Hybrid Ticket Stream: Allows tracking of customer interactions across different channels within a single ticket thread.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Offers an integrated CRM system to view and update customer information in real-time.
  4. Tags: Enables quick retrieval of past chat transcripts using tags.
  5. Canned Responses: Allows agents to answer frequently asked questions with pre-defined responses.
  6. Integration: LiveAgent seamlessly integrates with over 40 third-party applications, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity.

Incorporating live chat and its associated features can revolutionize the customer service experience, making it a key asset for businesses in today’s competitive landscape.


LiveAgent’s pricing structure offers flexibility to cater to businesses of all sizes. Five plans are offered All come with free trial

The Free Account is available at $0 per agent per month, providing a great starting point with some limitations.

The Small Businesses  is a robust solution at just $9 per agent per month when billed annually or $15 on a monthly basis, featuring fewer limits and additional features.

The Medium businesses Plan at $29 per agent per month billed annually, or $35 per month, offering versatility and comprehensive customer support.

Large businesses can take advantage of the all-inclusive most popular Large Business Plan, which provides extensive capabilities and high limits for $49 per agent per month billed annually, or $59 per month.

The Enterprise Plan for medium and large enterprises seeking a full-scale solution with extra support and exclusive services, the Enterprise Plan comes at $69 per agent per month billed annually, or $85 month-to-month, is the ideal choice.

No matter your business size or needs, There is a plan to suit your requirements.

Key benefits of LiveAgent

  • Enjoy round-the-clock support with a team of 11 agents available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Opt for LiveAgent’s self-hosted license for a one-time fee, giving you complete control and enhanced privacy and security
  • Streamline your support operations by integrating all channels into a unified environment, keeping everything organized in one place.
  • Seamlessly connect unlimited brands within a single application without incurring additional costs with LiveAgent’s multi-brand support.
  • Foster a thriving customer community and boost customer satisfaction by a significant margin.

Disadvantages of LiveAgent

  • Enhancements are needed for the user interface and overall user experience.
  • The inability to select multiple predefined answers for a ticket. The system clears the initial selection when trying to choose another. Fixing this would greatly improve the experience.
  • The iOS app requires improvement, particularly in terms of missing features. This is important when using LiveAgent on mobile devices, not on a desktop or laptop computer.

What Industries is LiveAgent suited to

LiveAgent customizes its solutions to cater to a wide array of industries.  LiveAgent’s ability to tailor its capabilities to meet an industries specific needs is revolutionary, These industries could benefit from using LiveAgent – Accounting, Automotive, E-commerce, Fashion, Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Healthcare, HR & Recruitment. Real Estate, Travel & Tourism.


In a world where stellar customer service defines success, LiveAgent shines as a comprehensive help desk and live-chat solution. It’s not just software; it’s a game-changer. With the fastest chat widget, omnichannel inbox, call center, and customer service portal, LiveAgent centralizes support effortlessly. What sets it apart is personalization – segment customers, automate tasks, use CRM, analytics, and knowledge bases for unique experiences. LiveAgent isn’t a tool; it’s your ally in exceptional service and lasting relationships. Opt for LiveAgent for extraordinary help desk and faster, personalized live chat. Choose wisely, and witness your customer service reach new heights.