Post Affiliate Pro Review

"Post Affiliate Pro offers all essential features for creating and managing successful affiliate marketing programs, including affiliate and commission management."

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24th July 2023
  • Product Features
  • Action Commissions
  • Affiliate Link Styles
  • Commission Groups
  • Custom Affiliate Tracking Codes
  • Direct Link Tracking
  • Forced Matrix
  • Fraud Protection
  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Map Overlay report
  • Mass Payments
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Performance rewards
  • Private Campaigns
  • Recurring commissions
  • Split Commissions
  • SubID / Channels tracking
  • Tracking methods
  • Zip Banners

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Post Affiliate Pro is a transformative affiliate marketing software that effortlessly helps businesses establish and manage their affiliate programs. It offers tracking, commission management, and customizability, empowering companies to expand reach and boost sales through affiliates.

Post Affiliate Pro offers compelling reasons to join their affiliate program:

  1. $5 Signup Bonus: Receive a $5 commission upon joining, included in your first payout of earned commissions.
    90-day Cookie Window: Earn commissions for sales completed within 90 days of customer referral.
    Fair Commission Split: Commissions from sales referred by multiple affiliates are distributed as follows: 10% bonus to the introducer, 30% bonus to the persuader, and the remaining 60% split equally among all affiliates.
    Fixed 8% Cost: Commissions are based on 92% of the total order amount due to a fixed 8% fee charged by the payment processor.
  2. Regular Payouts: Payments for prior month sales are made on the 15th of the following month. A minimum payout of $250 requires at least two different customer referrals.
  3. Recurring Commissions: Earn a 20% commission on the first hosted account sale and all subsequent recurring sales from active paid subscriptions.
  4. Preferred Traffic Sources: Niche blogs, review portals, and valuable referral, email, or social media traffic are welcomed for long-term partnerships.
  5. Ineligible Traffic Sources: PPC campaigns are not allowed to avoid competition with the company’s marketing efforts. Suspicious or irrelevant traffic sources are also prohibited.

Post Affiliate Pro offers a comprehensive range of features to enhance your affiliate marketing success. From customizable banners like rotators and peel banners to advanced tracking methods and multilingual support. Its commission options, including multi-tier and recurring commissions, provide flexibility for various affiliate programs. The user interface can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and the robust reporting tools offer valuable insights into your program’s performance. With added fraud protection, you can safeguard your business from potential losses due to fraudulent activities. Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful tool to streamline your affiliate marketing efforts and maximize your success.

Promotional materials

Promotional materials are the essence of affiliate marketing. The effectiveness of promotions isn’t always guaranteed, but using the right marketing strategy, paying attention to analytics, and utilizing the right promotional material at the right time can yield high profits and increase brand awareness. 1. Banner rotator What is a banner rotator? Banner rotators are a form of a banner that rotates other banners that users see while browsing your website. Rotating banners are designed to stand out on a website and attract potential customers. 3 HTML banners What are HTML banners? An HTML banner allows you to fully customize its appearance. In addition, you can define forms, tables, and graphs, as well as select multiple images to display as one banner. Your HTML banner can be formatted in an unlimited number of ways.

  • Affiliate tracking

Boost your sales with precise affiliate tracking through Post Affiliate Pro affiliate software. Benefit from highly accurate tracking methods and backup mechanisms to ensure you never miss crucial data. Monitor referrals, conversion rates, affiliate performance, cookies, payouts, and more with confidence and reliability. Maximize your affiliate marketing success with comprehensive and dependable tracking features.

  • Affiliate marketing

Streamline your affiliate marketing efforts and save valuable resources with Post Affiliate Pro’s cost-effective promotional materials. Utilize diverse banners, affiliate links, and efficient coupon management to enhance your online visibility. Whether you’re new or experienced, the user-friendly interface makes creating these materials a breeze, ensuring a quick and hassle-free process. Elevate your online presence and boost your marketing success with Post Affiliate Pro’s popular features.

  • Affiliate management

Experience seamless affiliate management with Post Affiliate Pro, your all-in-one solution for creating and overseeing exceptional affiliate marketing programs. Access a comprehensive suite of features that empower you to efficiently manage affiliates, commissions, promotional materials, and other vital aspects. By utilizing this powerful platform, you can maximize your qualified leads and continuously enhance your affiliate marketing efforts day by day. Say goodbye to complexities and embrace the ease of Post Affiliate Pro for unparalleled affiliate program success.

  • Automated workflow

Experience the power of automation with Post Affiliate Pro’s advanced workflow capabilities. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, as the platform effortlessly manages your affiliates and programs on your behalf. By automating routine processes, you’ll have more time to concentrate on critical matters or even enjoy some well-deserved downtime. Let the system handle the heavy lifting, while you reap the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity. With Post Affiliate Pro, time-saving automation is just a click away.

  • Reports & analytics

Enhance your affiliate marketing programs with the power of comprehensive reports and analytics offered by our platform. Take charge of your success by measuring your affiliate partners’ performance effectively. Gain valuable insights through detailed reports covering various aspects, such as campaign performance, trends, promotional materials, marketing channels, targeted traffic, and more. With our advanced reporting tools, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize your strategies, and unlock the full potential of your affiliate marketing endeavors. Elevate your performance with Post Affiliate Pro’s insightful reports and analytics.


Experience seamless integration with Post Affiliate Pro, as we offer support for an extensive range of 229 integrations. Whether you are using an e-commerce or shopping cart platform, rest assured that over 100 of them are fully supported by our system. So, if you are wondering whether your preferred platform is compatible, the answer is a resounding yes! The flexibility of our software also extends to payment platforms, with nearly 70 options supported, allowing you to work with your payment method of choice effortlessly. No matter your existing setup, Post Affiliate Pro is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing ecosystem, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your affiliate marketing journey.

Who is it for?

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate software used by eCommerce websites and online shops to boost sales and online traffic. Businesses use this powerful software to monitor, track and analyze affiliate performance data.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive affiliate marketing solution
  • Extensive range of tools for effective program management and conversion tracking
  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation
  • Robust reporting capabilities providing valuable campaign insights
  • Flexible commission management system for seamless transactions
  • Empowers businesses to maximize their affiliate marketing efforts
  • Flexible configuration to do exactly what you want with it
  • Free setup service ensures you won’t miss anything


  • Missing a couple of key integrations with popular e-comm tools
  • No Social sharing directly from the platform
  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Extensive setup process that can be time-consuming
  • Pricing structure might be a drawback for smaller businesses with limited budgets
  • Too Many Features.
  • Flexible configuration to do exactly what you want with it
  • Free setup service ensures you won’t miss anything


Pricing options:

  • Contact for custom pricing based on needs, free trial available
    Upgrade & Pay as you go
    No contracts, No setup fee, Cancel any time
    Save up to 20% with annual billing

Post Affiliate Pro (Pro Plan):
$129/month billed annually or $139 monthly billing
1M tracking requests/month
Unlimited Affiliates
220+ integrations
125+ plugins
Advanced reporting
Customizable interface + themes
Full setup/integration
Lifetime support
Post Affiliate Pro (Ultimate Plan):
$249/month billed annually or $269 monthly billing
6M tracking requests/month
Performance rewards
Multiple Administrators
Lifetime referrals manager
Site replication
Forced matrix
Full setup/integration
Lifetime support
Post Affiliate Network:
$599/month billed annually or $649 monthly billing
20M tracking requests/month
Multiple merchants accounts
Membership subscription manager
Network account prepaid
Branding free
Audit log
Full setup/integration
Lifetime support

Each plan includes a free trial.

Final Thoughts

Post Affiliate Pro is the ideal choice for businesses venturing into affiliate marketing. With its powerful features, user-friendly design, and real-time monitoring, it stands out as an effective and efficient affiliate marketing administration tool.