Ten Don’ts for Social Media

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Using social media is a great way to build brand awareness, but some cautions are in order. Here are 10 techniques that won’t work.

What you should not do on social media

For social media to be an effective part of your brand-building strategy, it’s important to pay attention to what not to do.

This poster covers the top 10 things you want to avoid when using social media to put your brand forward.


  • Know what social media is intended to do — and what it isn’t.
  • Know that social media is not the place for a sales pitch.
  • Know that your bad mood through social communications lives forever.

Download this charming poster to remind you about the best (and worst) tactics for social communication.

Don’t Misunderstand Social Media

Social Media is a communication channel and NOT (!) a marketing channel. Why? Because it´s not a one-way medium but a channel for two-way (+) dialog.

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