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CRM for Conference Management

Ex Ordo uses OnePageCRM


Streamlining Sales and Boosting Productivity at Ex Ordo with OnePageCRM


Ex Ordo, a distinguished software company based in Ireland, specializes in developing web and mobile applications tailored for research conferences. With a decade of experience, they currently employ 14 professionals and serve clients in 60 countries, spanning universities, research institutes, member associations, professional bodies, and event management companies.

The Challenge:

As Ex Ordo’s customer base grew, the need for efficient lead generation and management became apparent. The absence of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system led to manual data entry and scattered information, hindering internal communication. Recognizing the necessity of a CRM for business growth, Ex Ordo embarked on a quest for a solution that would simplify their processes.

“OnePageCRM allows us to switch on & get to work straight away…It’s a perfect tool and to be able to hit the ground running so quickly was great.” – Head of Sales and Co-Founder, Dermot Lally

Choosing OnePageCRM:

After testing several CRMs, Ex Ordo found OnePageCRM to be the ideal fit. The lightweight software’s built-in sales focus aligned seamlessly with their needs. The ease of integration and simplicity offered by OnePageCRM, coupled with a recommendation from a trusted source, made it the clear winner.

“What do I want to spend my time doing? Figuring out when I’m supposed to call somebody or actually calling them?” – Dermot Lally, Head of Sales and Co-Founder 

Implementation and Organization:

Once on board, the Ex Ordo team quickly adapted to OnePageCRM’s streamlined approach. The software’s ‘Next Action’ feature facilitated quick assignment of tasks, enhancing communication and efficiency. The ability to assign actions not only to oneself but also to colleagues streamlined the follow-up process. This proved especially valuable when different team members handled various stages of the sales process.

“OnePageCRM is a fantastic sales tool. It is really easy to set up and use. Every day OnePage gives me my list of people to contact that day and the specific action that I need to do. It’s that simple – all the relevant info is on a single screen, and I get a great sense of achievement as I tick through the list.” – Dermot Lally

Shared CRM Functionality:

OnePageCRM’s shared CRM functionality addressed Ex Ordo’s need for improved communication across different divisions – Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. All team members gained visibility into activities and the sales pipeline on both individual and team levels. According to Dermot Lally, Head of Sales at Ex Ordo, “The software makes it easy to share information and gives visibility across the team.”

“OnePageCRM makes it very easy for us as a sales team to see where and what deal stages we need to work harder on in the pipeline.” – Dermot Lally

Customizable Deal Stages:

The adaptability of OnePageCRM’s deal stages allowed Ex Ordo to analyze and tailor their sales process to align with business goals. Customizing the sales pipeline enabled them to hit the ground running, providing a fundamental guide for the sales team. The visibility of pending, won, or lost deals on the Pipeline page, coupled with an export feature, facilitated efficient reporting and discussions during weekly sales meetings.

“OnePageCRM is like oxygen, I breathe it every day. It’s always open and helps me stay engaged with my key customers and see what action needs to be taken to move a sale forward. If someone took it away from me, I guarantee my sales would be affected and I wouldn’t be very happy either!” – Dermot Lally

Integration with Daily Apps:

Ex Ordo appreciated OnePageCRM’s ease of integration with daily business apps. The team, relying on Google as their email client, benefited from seamless integration with Gmail and Google contacts. Zapier further facilitated integration with other essential apps, centralizing daily activities. The Customer Support team’s use of Help Scout for support-related conversations seamlessly integrated with OnePageCRM, ensuring alignment between Sales and Customer Support teams.

Productivity and Simplicity:

Dermot and the team found OnePageCRM’s simplicity and user-friendly functionality to be key factors in their daily productivity. The software’s intuitive design encourages efficient use, with Dermot stating, “First thing I do is open my email application and OnePageCRM app. It’s a part of my working day.”

Results and Business Growth:

Since implementing OnePageCRM, Ex Ordo has witnessed substantial growth. The software empowered the team to prioritize leads, ensuring timely follow-ups and a more organized sales process. The Sales Pipeline feature allowed them to focus on deals near closing, resulting in a 40% increase in sales growth. Improved team communication eliminated the need for excessive emails, providing a streamlined and efficient workflow.

“We recommend OnePageCRM all the time! I tell anyone who’s in search that OnePageCRM is a really simple, easy-to-use CRM and you will be up and running in a couple of hours!” – Dermot Lally


In summary, Ex Ordo’s decision to adopt OnePageCRM has proven instrumental in optimizing their sales processes and fostering business growth. The software’s user-friendly interface, shared CRM functionality, and seamless integration with daily apps have collectively contributed to a more organized, communicative, and productive work environment. The tangible results achieved underscore the transformative impact of OnePageCRM on Ex Ordo’s operations. For organizations seeking to enhance their sales processes and boost productivity, the experience of Ex Ordo stands as a testament to the effectiveness of OnePageCRM. For more information on how OnePageCRM can benefit your organization, contact