Find out how financial planner Sophia Bera is succeeding with Less Annoying CRM. Sophia knew she needed a CRM — and Less Annoying CRM was the best fit for her small business.


Sophia’s Company: Gen Y Planning

Sophia Bera founded Gen Y Planning after noticing that her generation is chronically underserved by traditional financial planning institutions. Her mission is to address the long-term and short-term needs of clients in their 20s and 30s by taking a fresh approach centered around agility, tech savvy, and approachability—not to mention rock solid advice grounded in industry experience. 


What is Less Annoying CRM?

Less Annoying CRM  is a customer relationship manager designed specifically for small businesses. Thousands of small businesses use LACRM to get organized, manage contacts, track leads, and stay on top of follow ups. A small business shouldn’t need to pay an arm and a leg or hire their own tech team to use a CRM — LACRM addresses small business’ needs better than other CRMs by  focusing on simplicity, ease of use, affordability, and outstanding customer support.

The Problem

“I needed simple software that would help me keep track of current clients, prospective clients, and outstanding tasks.” – Sophia

 When starting her company Gen Y Planning, Sophia knew immediately that she was going to need a CRM. She’d need a place to track client portfolios and plans and keep a repository for compliance purposes. Sophia started off by looking at CRMs specifically designed for financial services, but she soon realized they weren’t for her. Sophia says, “I was really kind of nervous because I knew that a lot of the CRMs that were geared towards financial planners were really expensive. I knew that that wasn’t going to be something I could invest in right away—or that I was interested in investing in right away.”

 Instead, Sophia was looking for something simple, mobile, and affordable. Like many of entrepreneurs, she doesn’t work a typical 9-5, so she needed something that could seamlessly move with her from meeting to meeting, one fast-paced day to the next.

The Solution

“There are a lot of clunky, costly CRM systems out there. When I found Less Annoying CRM, I knew this was it.” – Sophia

Sophia was referred to Less Annoying CRM by another financial planner, and once she started her free trial she was hooked. She knew right away that LACRM was the CRM for her; compared to all the other clunky and expensive CRMs she had looked at before, LACRM was clean, easy to use, and provided the customer service she needed to get up and running quickly. Sophia could track current clients, potential clients, and outstanding tasks in the CRM, and since she runs her business virtually, it was important that she could access the CRM from anywhere with nothing more than an internet connection.

Setting Sophia up for success

“Onboarding with Less Annoying CRM was easy, and it was really quick.” – Sophia

 Less Annoying CRM only takes a few minutes to get set up, and the LACRM team helped Sophia every step of the way. On her own, Sophia watched a few tutorials and started building up her client database in the CRM. By entering notes, emails, and follow ups every day in the CRM, Sophia could easily access full client histories and pull up the exact info she needed for every meeting. She also found the design of LACRM more pleasant than others on the market, and it motivated her to log in every day and enter data: “If I wanted to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my clients, I would use an Excel spreadsheet. But I don’t. I want to use a CRM. So don’t make it look like an Excel spreadsheet!”

 Next, Sophia contacted Less Annoying CRM and their customer support helped her customize her account to her specific needs and industry. Michael helped Sophia create pipelines, a part of LACRM’s flexible workflow tracking tool, to keep track of her leads and new clients. Without a CRM, these processes would have been a lot to keep track of: there were contracts to sign, meetings to schedule, and custom plans to draw up for each individual client. By using pipelines, Sophia could easily ensure that she always had new clients coming in and that she was following all the right steps when onboarding new clients.

The Results

“I love Less Annoying CRM because it does exactly what it says: it’s less annoying than all of these other CRM systems.” – Sophia

Less Annoying CRM is now a part of Sophia’s everyday routine. When she wakes up, she immediately opens her laptop to check her agenda so that she knows what meetings, phone calls, and follow ups she has for the day. The CRM helps Sophia stay organized and on top of her business without adding an extra layer of admin or work to her business. Sophia says, “It’s just a day-to-day thing. It really helps you stay organized every day, so you know what you have to do, what your workload is, who you need to follow up with.”

 Sophia also realized that she wasn’t alone in her initial CRM-search struggles and introduced LACRM to many of her colleagues in the financial planning industry. When Sophia started using Less Annoying CRM, “I immediately started telling friends, ‘You have to check this out because it’s simple, it’s easy to use, and it’s affordable.’” In addition to referring dozens of people to the software, Sophia’s expertly crafted pipelines and customizations have become LACRM’s starting template for other financial planners!

Hear it from Sophia herself

“When I found Less Annoying CRM, I knew this was it. Less Annoying CRM is clean, easy to use, and has exactly what I need, but the best part is that the customer service is fantastic.”


Sophia was smart in her CRM search for a few reasons. First, CRMs are a great opportunity to make money: on average, a CRM can increase sales up to 29%, and the returns on a CRM are often over eight times the amount spent. That’s a pretty good deal! The bottom line is that if Sophia didn’t use a CRM, she’d be leaving money on the table.

 So what’s the catch? Most CRM licenses go unused. The number one reason they fail: poor user adoption. Getting a CRM wasn’t enough; Sophia needed to find one that she would actually use every day. After finding a CRM she enjoyed using, Sophia entered data every day and made the CRM a hub for her business. If she had gone with something harder to use, she made have ended up among the 47% of CRM installations that fail every year.


Most small businesses would benefit from the organization and tracking a CRM provides, and some industries like financial planning require it. Unfortunately, when folks like Sophia start their CRM search, they are overwhelmed by expensive, difficult to use software that offers way more functionality than the average small business needs. Rather than looking at clunky, expensive software that she’d never use, Sophia found something that fits her business’ needs right now. Since LACRM is simple and easy to use, Sophia has made the CRM a part of her everyday routine, and it has become a central hub for her business.

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