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Best Insurance Agency CRM Sales Tracking Software Solutions

Increasingly, CRM customer relationship management software solutions are being developed for specific vertical industries, and the Insurance Industry is no exception. See our recommended Insurance CRM solutions below.

An Aberdeen Group survey concluded that only 43.4 percent of insurance agency respondents indicated that they use any CRM tools for insurance sales tracking. Aberdeen surmised that there is substantial room for CRM vendors to expand into this vertical market. But this also indicates that there is opportunity for the insurance companies themselves to take competitive advantage, as many of their opposition have not yet deployed and benefited from insurance agency sales tracking software.

A dedicated insurance agency CRM solution will allow you to combine all those fragments of information about your insurance clients:

  • what insurance products and services they buy
  • their insurance claim history
  • account status etc into one unified view of your customer.

Knowing your insurance client better is the start of a differentiator that retains customers.

Most CRM lead and sales tracking requirements are ultimately the same – we all want to sell more, quicker, with less effort and with better customer service that result in stronger loyalty. And more loyal customers result in more referral business – an absolutely essential ingredient for sales success. If you get no referrals, each sale becomes an uphill struggle, and must tell you something about the products you sell, the service the company provides, or the quality of sales job you do! So many generic CRM solutions have been customized to provide vertical solutions to give you the edge. You might well find a CRM customized into an insurance agency sales tracking software tool, or a sales tracking tool for car sales people in the motor industry.

Here are some vendors with solutions for Insurance companies:

  • LeadOrganizer. LeadOrganiser is described as web based or online CRM software for insurance agencies.
  • Ebix formerly EZ-Data

If you are aware of other suitable insurance CRM solutions for possible inclusion here, please contact us.

Also contact us if you have had any experiences, good or otherwise, with the products listed here.