A CRM 101 Primer to Sales Prospecting Software for Sales Reps

Updated 2022

Are you a sales rep looking for that ultimate sales prospecting and tracking software tool to help you achieve those unrealistically high sales targets? Are you wanting to manage yourself and your sales leads and customers more efficiently and effectively? Sales tracking software, otherwise known as sales force automation software, contact management or customer relationship management (CRM) software is software purpose-built for sales rep’s like you.

Your problem will be less about whether you need CRM software, but more which CRM software to choose! There are so many CRM solutions out there you are spoilt for choice. You will need to decide what type of sales rep software suits your circumstances:

If you are a road warrior you will need a mobile CRM solution that has strong support for mobiles like Blackberry and other PDA’s or handheld devices. Many reps still use their laptops or notebooks in these sales environments, too. In this sales situation you will probably need to ensure that the CRM software supports synchronization with your main sales / customer database. Confer with your head office to ensure that whatever sales tracking / sales management software tool you are considering is compatable with the main CRM software, assuming one is already in use. You might well be re-inventing the wheel and working at cross purposes with your company. At the least I’m sure they’ll subsidise your CRM purchase as it’s certainly in their interests.

Elsewhere on SmallbizCRM you will find information on all the CRM software options available to sales representatives, especially if you work for a smaller business.

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