KarmaCRM Review

..a powerful, highly customizable and intuitive CRM solution for individuals, and small as well as medium businesses.. that helps you keep your contacts, leads and sales neat and tidy by hiding the potent, multifaceted backend system behind the simple, user-friendly interface.”

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Product: Karma
Type CRM Software
Product Author Karma
Reviewed by SmallBizCRM on 2012-23-10

Let the review begin!

Getting started with KarmaCRM
To test the waters, you can create a free KarmaCRM account in less than 5 minutes which is valid for thirty days. The trial version offers all the features of the package you choose. After the expiry, you can upgrade to any of their affordable plans, or cancel at any time. And if you’re a single user or a couple, with less than 300 contacts, you can enjoy their Forever Free account!

The Welcome Screen features several basic options to get you up and running: you can upload your company’s logo, check out their settings, customize the app according to your needs/likings, create accounts for other team members, and so on. If you’re a total newbie, there’s a plethora of information in Karma Support Center under the Help menu to assist you get the ball rolling.

Karma CRM Dashboard

Usability and Customizability
Using KarmaCRM is just a matter of few mouse clicks. Everything you need from your Tasks (task list) to Contacts to Reports, is right on your screen. Additionally, there is a mini-bar at the top with very handy shortcuts for quickly adding new tasks, contacts, companies, events, deals etc.

When it comes to customization, hardly any other CRM solution offers as much versatility as Karma. You can choose exactly how you want your interface to look by hovering your mouse on More tab and then clicking Configure Tabs. What’s more, every feature is available in the form of widgets, which can be added to your dashboard quiet easily – just click the Add Widget button and the list with options will popup.

Keeping your most used features on your dashboard increases productivity and reduces waiting period.

Karma CRM Settings
A big plus of Karma is its integration with two other useful applications: MailChimp and Google Calendar. Integration with MailChimp allows you to create and send newsletters and email broadcasts to your lists in the CRM. Karma also features automated email integration. You can BCC and forward emails to your KarmaCRM Dropbox. These mails are automatically attached to the relevant user.

The most amazing features of KarmaCRM

The Karma dashboard is probably the page where you’ll spend most of your time, and you will love it. Here, in one place, you can see everything including Tasks, Events, Activates, Deals, Contacts and much more. You can add any of the built-in tabs, or even create your own tabs. If you scroll down the dashboard, you can see the recent updates and changes you, or other team members have made.

Karma CRM Dashboard Features

In KarmaCRM every single detail regarding your contacts is organized in one place which makes contact management as easy as pie. In addition to the basic details, you can also add tags to classify your contacts. You can import contacts from quite a few other sources including Google, Highrise, Yahoo etc. If you’re using an application other than the supported ones, simply export your contacts in CSV format, and then import into your KarmaCRM.

You can easily create deals, set deadlines and attach files. Managing your sales pipelines with reports, activities, task assignments and various other tools to close the deals in a timely manner could hardly be easier.

All your activities and tasks are tied up in a calendar under their due date. Once you give the tasks and activities a deadline, your teammates can also see it on their calendar. This ensures there won’t be any late submissions. In addition to the built-in calendar, you can also create custom calendars.

Karma CRM Calendar

Karma features a simple yet powerful task list. Creating and assigning tasks is a breeze. You can easily filter tasks to quickly find the ones that need your utmost attention at the moment.

Karma CRM Tasks
Reports allow you to view the overall progress of your company regarding the Contact Referrals, Contact Stages, User Activity, User History and many other aspects in bar graph, pie graph or simple tabular form. There are several default reports, but you can also create custom reports according to your particular needs. Reports can be printed, exported and shared with users and clients.

Karma CRM Reports

Sending an offline message and waiting for the reply is pretty annoying – this doesn’t happen with Karma users. You can chat with your team members through a simple, robust messenger that pretty much resembles the one found in Facebook.

Customer Service
The Karma support team really knows how to take care of its clients. As soon as you sign up, they assign a representative to help you in case of any issue.

Looking Ahead: KarmaCRM v2.0
The launch of Karma’s new version: v2.0 is anticipated this fall, which is expected to be simpler and more customizable. They are not going to add any new features, but just improve the existing ones: Permissions will be refined and Filtering will become Advanced Filtering. In short, you’ll be able to speak the language of your business within KarmaCRM.

Karma takes extreme measures to secure your data. They keep their software as well as hardware updated with the latest security patches. Their on-premises hardware is protected with Biometric authentication, key card access and 247/7 video surveillance.

Pricing Plans

Pros and cons of KarmaCRM
If you are planning to try Karma out, have a look at its benefits and shortcomings and consider the ones that will impact your particular business. Let’s first consider the cons of Karma:


  • Limited number of users
  • Limited number of contacts and companies
  • No email broadcasting/Auto-responder features
  • Though they accept several payment options, yet PayPal – the most frequently used payment system – is not available


  • Several affordable plans to match your precise needs (including the Always Free and the free trial)
  • Neat and clean user interface (designed by real sales people)
  • Gratifyingly customizable
  • Integration with MailChimp and Google Calendar
  • Sales management with deadlines, and reminders via email/SMS
  • Handy mobile app to stay connected with your clients even when you’re on the go
  • The feedback by Karma to help you identify your high achieving sales personnel
  • Currency converter to view all the transactions in your default currency
  • The amazing Private Chat Feature for quick discourse with teammates & clients
  • Great customer service
  • Create Contacts via Google email
  • Track important dates of your contacts
  • No per user fee
  • Safe and secure
  • Simple month-to-month subscription – no long-term contract

In Conclusion
All in all, KarmaCRM is a powerful, highly customizable and intuitive CRM solution for individuals, and small as well as medium businesses. Thanks to the unfussy and clean interface, your team will focus only on what matters the most: building and strengthening customer relationship. Karma helps you keep your contacts, leads and sales neat and tidy by hiding the potent, multifaceted backend system behind the simple, user-friendly interface.

The most amazing thing about KarmaCRM is its utmost customizability; every user will enjoy a tailor-made interface for his own sales process. What’s more, Karma has a vigilant customer care team, committed to help you – you’ll never be alone in times of trouble.

KarmaCRM Review

KarmaCRM Dashboard Screenshot

KarmaCRM Review

CRM Software
Product Author
Reviewed by
on 2012-23-10
What Makes KarmaCRM Unique?

With its powerful system, designed to support a wide range of users (from individuals to sizable sales teams), Karma fits the bill for usable, customizable CRM software. Karma’s clean, simple, intuitive interface is a recipe for reward, allowing your team ample time to focus on what counts most: building relationships.

Enabling users to customize the system to fit their individual sales process, Karma also subscribes to the belief that teamwork works best. Karma’s greatest asset is, in fact, its relationship with its customers. Relying on feedback to strengthen its software, Karma provides multiple avenues through which to contact its team and is deeply committed to making sure each request is heard and considered.



Karma makes it easy to manage contacts and to track the status of every component of a deal, from start to finish. True to its mantra, Karma makes communication between all parties easy, helping individuals and companies grow.

Email Integration

Karma lets customers BCC and forward emails to their KarmaCRM dropbox and automatically attaches them to the correct contact.

Third Party Integration

The system integrates with a growing number of third party services including MailChimp, allowing users to create lists and send newsletters to their KarmaCRM contacts.

Managing Deals

Karma helps users manage their pipeline with reports, task assignment, and other customizable tools that make it easy to meet deadlines and close deals.

Team Management

One of Karma’s foremost goals is optimizing the efficiency of sales / customer service teams by promoting collaboration through information sharing.


Karma provides a forever free account and free 30 day trials on all plans. Karma will remain in its beta phase through August 1, 2010.

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