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Smart Rules feature in Happyfox Help Desk Software

A comprehensive support system to control and manage customer queries providing prompt solutions is what business enterprises look for. Due to the disorganized structure in receiving the queries, quite often the queries fail to reach the correct person who can actually solve the issue.

As a remedy, Happyfox help desk system offers cutting edge customer support request processing capabilities. The core functionality is focused on support ticket management aimed at optimizing customer satisfaction. Happyfox software is hosted on cloud, supporting multiple customer support channels like email, voice and live chat. To provide support on the move, Happyfox is also available on iOS and Android platforms.

Similar customer support queries can be automated using canned actions and smart rules. Take for instance the case of timely notifications. If a ticket remains unanswered for hours or days at a time, ideally it should be escalated to the next level support for immediate redressal of the issue. Otherwise the customer might become irate and take his business elsewhere. Do it manually everyday and sooner or later, important support tickets might slip through the cracks.

Similarly, if you have dedicated staff attending to a particular segment of your customer base, tickets created by those customers can automatically be assigned to the right team members instead of the regular support queue. On the other hand, if a reply sent to a customer fails to get a response after a set number of days, such tickets might have to be closed automatically. Smart rules in HappyFox takes care of activities like these without any human intervention.

Conditions For Rules

Simply put, smart rules help automate a major chunk of the administrative duties of a support team. Naturally, the support team can just focus on what they do best – helping customers and stay productive.

New smart rules can be created from the Manage section of your instance. After giving it a relevant name and a clear description, there is an option to set it’s status to be either active or inactive. This option helps you use smart rules only when they are needed and instead of deleting them forever, you can keep them in the list for using it sometime in the future.

The power of integration with CRM, live-chat, accounting software reduces toggling between multiple screens.

Creating Smart Rules

Happyfox is owned by Tenmiles Technologies, the team behind successful customer support on premise solution ‘Help Desk Pilot’ and online event registration service ‘DoAttend’.