Best Real Estate Sales Software Solutions

Best Sales Tracking Software For Real Estate Agents and Realty Companies

Real Estate Agents need sales tracking software (aka CRM or Customer Relationship Management) like everyone else in sales. You also have to do your prospecting, sales follow-ups and customer service, so these sort of tools become essential if you want to gain any competitive edge.

There are many, more generic CRM solutions mentioned elsewhere on SmallBizCRM that would also prove suitable as Real Estate Sales Software solutions, but the most suitable though are solutions that have been developed from the ground up with the Estate Agent in mind.

You should investigate your CRM strategy as any industry would, if you are serious about your CRM acquisition. You are subject to the same pitfalls as anybody else. So follow accepted procedures for the evaluating, purchasing and implementation of your CRM Project.

IXACT Contact

Highly Recommended IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM helping realtors stay organized and build lasting relationships with past clients, new prospects and important referral sources. IXACT Contact makes it easy to stay in touch with clients in a way that’s personalized, relevant and timely. With IXACT Contact, real estate agents can convert more leads into listings and attract more referrals and repeat business and manage transactions with ease.

Top Producer

Top Producer CRM

Recommended. Founded in 1983 Top Producer empowers real estate agents with lead generation and marketing systems that generate leads, convert contacts into clients and bullet-proof client relationships. Using their contact management system, no lead, client or task falls through the cracks. Top Producer CRM automates lead follow-up with customizable emails, postcards and letters, to position yourself as the market expert with cutting edge reports and presentations, and provide client service with listing and task management tools.


Acquaint CRM

Acquaint CRM is packed with features designed to cut down on repetitive admin. The system is designed to be scalable from single user, to multi user, multi branch or even franchise models. Simple configuration allows users to customise Acquaint and set permissions, views and security levels for staff. Acquaint CRM also has a full help system including tutorial videos and all software updates are automatically downloaded and installed at no extra charge. A free trial and free version are offered. A detailed breakdown of the pricing is available on the website.


ActiveAgent for Outlook

Recommended. Extends the popular Contact Manager ACT! to track Real Estate specific information. ACTive Agent consists of a customized real estate ACT! database as well as customized real estate ACT! data entry screens that track an extensive amount of vital information on your clients and listing. Active Agent is an all inclusive software product that enhances productivity for total Customer and Real Estate Listing Management when used with Outlook.



The link provided is to one of the most knowledgeable individuals on Agent2000 and in the CRM for Realtors field, Gary Hall. This is not just a list of Real Estate CRMs for sale. There are a few sites out there that are huge collections of CRMs for many industries. This site is dedicated ONLY for Real Estate CRM. Gary Hall is a top producing agent and is familiar with many of these programs, having spent literally hundreds of hours working personally with the CEO’s and developers of these Real Estate CRM’s. If you are tired of sifting through the myriad of options available, contact me and Gary will help you pick the one that is right for you.

AgentOffice logo

AgentOffice - Fidelity Real Estate Solutions

Windows based software for estate agents and teams to manage real estate sales from initial contact with clients through losing. It handles front office functions, including contact/customer relationship management, listings and sales tracking, presentation designs and CMAs, word processing and e-mail. Agent Office Integrates with Fidelity’s TransactionPoint Web- based transaction management platform and ZIPforms/WINforms electronic forms software. Price: $329


AgentBright is committed to allowing Agents to do what they do best: buy and sell houses. They  provide Agents with a simple web application that lets them stay focussed and organized to give them peace of mind. AgentBright takes this a step further through tips, tools and technique. This gives agents a simple way to market and manage their leads and transactions. Pricing starts at $79 per month. A free trial is also offered.

Archiz Solutions - CRM Solutions for Real Estate

Nowadays, real estate companies have many projects to run together at different stages of completion. Various types of properties should be classified according to various criteria. With the help of Real Estate CRM, you can easily organize all the information in one place. Various location of information related to many lead generation streams can be arranged and organized which is available from any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. For real estate, the Archiz Solutions can increase sales and marketing processes, while increasing overall performance, as well as helping the brokers to provide their best services.

Broker Connect Desktop

Requires company contract for setup and management of a Web site – RECHANNEL Communications Inc. Desktop CRM application for users connected over a Broker Connect intranet. Includes modules for contact, listing and transaction management; activity scheduler with action plans; supports e-mail marketing campaigns; report functions; includes tools for Web site design and customization. Price $19.95 per month

Brokers Management Systems logo

Broker’s Management System - Software Tree, Inc.

Modules sold separately. Front Desk Manager for front office, $1,250; Accounting Transaction Manager for back office, $1,995. This is a Windows suite of software solutions to create a fully integrated management system. Front Desk Manager handles contacts, listings, call logging, showing appointments, and client feedback with report functions. Accounting Transaction Manager handles accounting functions from contract through closing, including commission calculations, agent billing, check printing, escrow tracking, bank reconciliation and financial and transaction reports.


Chime is a marketing and customer relationship management  system designed for small and midsize real estate businesses. Chime provides team management features, lead and customer management and content management. Automated alerts will also be sent when a new lead is entered, and users can configure automatic reply emails for new leads. Managers can use configurable assignment rules to automatically assign leads to specific agents. Email marketing campaigns can be set up for individual agents or an entire organization. Visitor activity on the site is tracked and reported in the CRM module. Users can run reports for lead sources, revenue, marketing ROI, web traffic and more. Pricing starts at $29 per person per month for single agents.

Logo - Compass

Compass - Formerly Contactually

Compass have built a modern real estate platform, pairing top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless. Their analytics and marketing technology helps agents optimize the workday, price properties more accurately, and determine the best time to list. Additionally, their digital suite connects agents to a global network of elite professionals, in order to reach prospective buyers wherever they live. Compass Markets for iOS is a mobile app that puts real-time residential real estate data at an agentt’s fingertips. Instantly access the most recent transaction data as well as historic sales trends.

Cratio CRM

Cratio CRM, designed for the Real Estate industry,  gives you an edge with its lead capture automation feature. The software takes care of the lead capture process, automatically collecting and placing customer information into your CRM without you getting involved with the grunt work. Cratio CRM also simplifies lead assignment, enabling you to assign, follow, and manage your sales leads with activities. For field agents, Cratio has a mobile CRM application that gives complete CRM functionality even in the field. This means easier and faster processes and more closed deals, resulting in better sales and even bigger revenue. Cratio CRM keeps you updated on any development and change in your tasks, opportunities, schedules, and more via email and SMS alerts. You can also configure the system to send instant notifications to other members of the team so they can quickly assess and act on these changes and developments as they occur. Pricing starts at $5 per user per month.

Follow Up Boss

Connect your real estate lead providers and IDX websites direct to Follow Up Boss. Start getting results with one easy to use system. Every single lead looked after 365 days per year. Keep agents accountable and track your marketing spend. Stop trying to track your leads in multiple databases and your email inbox and start getting results quickly.


Groove is a simple, fast and intuitive real estate CRM that helps users interact with their leads, past clients, and sphere of influence in a timely manner. Unlike other real estate CRMs Groove is more of a personal assistant that ensures users don’t drop behind on your important dealings. Groove is a fresh, progressive CRM application developed by ex-Google employees. What really separates Groove from other real estate CRMs is its ability to integrate with your email. If users fall behind the schedule, they get an email reminder. This happens without any manual input. Three pricing plans and a free trial are offered.

InstantImpact! Gold

Windows based software suite of real estate CRM solutions. Includes customizable contact database and report functions, closing management functions, campaign manager with automated scheduling,  CMA generator,  built-in word processor and data import/export to Outlook. Price $329.95



IntellioCRM aims at mobilizing real estate organizations towards customer relationship management at every level including enquiries, calls, meetings, follow ups, work in progress and status reports. IntellioCRM introduces a “customer-centric approach” to the real estate sector. IntellioCRM helps manage contacts, property, requirement, tasks/reminders and execute marketing campaigns. All data about requirements such as contacts, tasks, resources and search and filter appear on a single screen. Security systems can be automatically configured making data accessible for authorized personnel only. Get all the details on  your potential deals, what stages they are at, projects, competition, market trends quotes, and more. Analyse where leads come from while staying connected with the customer and all the information needed to close every sale.


This Real Estate App syncs with all email platforms to combine your contacts, eliminate data entry duplication, work from one calendar and maintain an email trail. Choose from professionally designed, customizable email templates and send emails to individuals or mass contact lists in seconds to maintain a constant presence with clients and referrals. Track listings, buyers, sellers and referrals to optimize your sales cycle with automatic milestone-based alerts and customizable, detailed client profiles and contact groups.


LeadCommander REProfessional - DataBasix Technologies

LeadCommander ReProfessional by DataBasix Technologies is a real estate information management/marketing software system for Macintosh and Windows. This system combines contact management with lead generation, prospecting, and marketing tools. It offers an unlimited number of contact records, user-defined fields as well as user-defined search and report functions. The Marketing campaign with come follow-up. The e-Merge engine for creating personalized e-mail correspondence to contacts is based on user-defined criteria. An optional Auto-Pilot feature manages and routes incoming calls. Pricing is from $229.



Real Estate software designed by estate agents for estate agents. From importing data to this software to career enhancing functions, LockedOn’s support team answers everything with a human voice. LockedOn is based in the cloud so agents are completely mobile. Set daily tasks and complete task lists and set targets. Send bulk email, SMS, MMS (photos & videos) and direct mail.. Send customized HTML newsletters and see who opens mail so that follow ups becomes prompt.

Lucero Summit

Lucero Summit - Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies

Base price: $2,760 for single office with up to 10 agents. Integrated suite of Windows applications for front and back office brokerage management. Front office solutions for contact and lead call management, appointment scheduling, floor duty scheduling, loan amortization, virtual tour and flyer creation. Back Office components include accounting, commission calculations, task scheduling and managing advertising, referrals, and listings. Standard and customized reports are available, and it links with Quickbooks for writing commission checks.

Market Leader

Founded in 1999 by a second-generation real estate agent, Market Leader provides real estate agents, agent teams, and brokerage companies with subscription software and advertising products that enable them to generate a steady stream of prospects, as well as the tools and training they need to convert these prospects into clients. With a long history of innovation, Market Leader pioneered online lead generation for real estate professionals a decade ago and today is the leading marketing partner to the real estate industry. Pricing for the various plans are available on application from the website.


Masterdigm is a  Real Estate CRM for Professionals which combines ease of use with powerful functionality and secure data backup to make your Customer Relations Management system efficient and effective. Manage your email marketing campaigns in one central content management system. Control all your property listings in one easy to use platform. You can share leads within the platform and outside your accounts. This is a great way to get referral dollars because the leads you share to others are tracked throughout the CRM. Pricing starts at  $19.95 for 2+ users up to $24.95 for a single user. Price is available on application for 8+ users. A 14 day free trial is available.

Moxi Works

Moxi Works is the technology connecting your entire brokerage combining proven sales methodology with coaching and automation. Agents grow their income and your brokerage becomes a more attractive place to work. Moxi specializes in real estate tools for agents and brokerages. Their products are designed to help clients win business in today’s competitive marketplace. The real estate tools they build leverage rich MLS data and a convergence of cloud computing, social media and mobile technology. Moxi Works goal is to give real estate tools to professionals that make them relevant and savvy for consumers throughout the process of buying and selling a home.

ProNest CRM - Formerly Canopy Office

ProNest was founded in 2013 by Jan Olav Osnes Krogh. After a demand from the Real Estate sector, the CRM was tailored to fit and serve this industry. 

ProNest helps Real Estate developers with the digital transformation of the sales and marketing process of their business by providing them with innovative tools.This solutions was developed to give value to both  potential customers and developers by automating processes and visualization of the customer journey. This system can be used world wide and is available in several languages.

PropertyBase Logo


Real estate CRM . After more than 15 years of experience in management consulting and software development for the real estate industry, we decided to create the tool we had always wished for— a tool to make selling, leasing, and managing property easier.


ProspectConvertor is a flexible lead management program for real estate agents and brokers. Leads from all sources can be managed in one central portal leading to successful lead conversion. Leads can be delivered to the most suited agent, holding them accountable for follow up and reducing abandoned leads. Add PC/Express for agents to quickly update leads or the full CRM module. Insure that your valuable leads receive the attention they deserve at an affordable price and profitable ROI. Pricing plans starting at $14 per agent and up to $2,690 for +250 agents are offered. POA for agencies with more than 250 agents.


Insurance Agents need the ability to work their leads, manage clients, track commissions, market prospects and sell products. Radius eliminates the need to use seperate programs such as Excel, ACT, Outlook and SalesForce to manage your Book of Business.  This is a web-based insurance agency management software with a simple approach. It is feature rich allowing users to work leads, manage clients and track commissions. Drip Marketing, email marketing and agent management are also features. Various pricing plans are offered starting at $24 per month for a single user and going up to $192 per month for 10 users. A 15 day free trial is offered on all plans.



Realeflow is a Real Estate Investing Platform providing the tools needed to automate lead generation and marketing for a business, as well as intuitive automation tools to maximize investing opportunities and close more deals. Realeflow combines several products – a CRM and database manager, a comprehensive marketing system, an automated forms creator, a virtual business advisor, a project manager, power tools, and a lead generation websites – to create a Powerful Real Estate Business Management System.



RealistiQ is much more than a CRM. While it offers all of the functionality a CRM offers, it also offers IDX listing management, drip marketing and many other features important to people in real estate. RealistiQ partners with top real estate brokerages nationwide to deliver proven real estate technology products and services that create and seize market opportunities, enhance productivity, boost gross commission income (GCI) and increase real estate agent retention rates. We are continually improving our product and have a track record of improving results.


Realty Broker Office

Priced at $97.99 per month per company administrator and $34.99 per month for individual users. Volume discounts available. This is a web-based broker management solution for single or multiple offices. Creates integrated intranet and database for front and back office data and activity, accessible through a web browser. Its comprehensive suite of tools supports an unlimited number of contacts, listings, transactions, forms, and contracts. The software has secure log-in for team members to enter or update info and check on status of listings or transactions, as allowed by a broker. It includes calendar and task scheduling with reminders, and calculates commissions and fees. Standard and customizable report functions available.


Realty Management System - Lone Wolf Technology

For brokerages with up to 10 agents, includes eight hours of training.Windows software for financial management of single office or multi-site brokerage. It includes modules for daily activity scheduling and monitoring; tracking listing status; trade records; trust accounting and reconciliation; accounts receivable and accounts payable; commission accounting; agent commissions/expenses, payroll, financial activity, budget analysis, and preparing financial statements. Standard and customizable report functions available.


RealtyJuggler, the cloud-based CRM for real estate professionals, helps them remain organized with easy to use features. Some of the notable features are keeping of prospects, clients, listings, offers, promotions and closings. Professionals can upload files, track documents. Data can be imported from ACT!, MS Outlook, Agent Office etc. RealtyJuggler is more than just organizational software. It is a system that agents rely upon to track and control the activities they are responsible for. RealtyJuggler is priced competitively at $179 per year. It is easy to use, focusing on creating a product that someone with little or no technical knowledge can master. A  90 day trial is available.

Realty Redefined (2)

Realty Redefined

Realty Redefined, based in India,  harnesses technology to innovate how the industry runs. Offering ERP and CRM software solutions for Real Estate developers and consultants, they strive to assist users with every aspect of the Real Estate Market. Three plans, RSquare, RQube, and RDigital are available. RSquare covers broking to consulting, RQube covers launch to possession and RDigital covers leads to booking.  Pricing for the various plans are available on application.

Referral Maker

Referral Maker CRM is a tool for optimizing your workflow while generating a predictable stream of high-quality leads. It is simple to set up, prioritizes your day and gets results. Referral Maker® CRM is Real Estate CRM Software based on a relational marketing system that will consistently generate a predictable stream of referred and repeat business. It’s a great option for professionals in the industry who want to stay organized and build their businesses through relational marketing. Pricing is $49 per month with a 30 day free trial.


REthink Real Estate CRM

REthink Real Estate CRM, is a tool for residential and commercial real estate professionals. From capturing leads to closing a deal, REthink Real Estate CRM users can manage their business from any computer or mobile device, with zero software to download and zero maintenance to worry about.  PeopleREthink is a cloud based, Real Estate Customer Relationship Management app built on the platform.


Zurple has been focused on optimizing lead conversion, but just recently expanded its software solution to seamlessly integrate with the fastest growing lead sources in the country: Zillow and Trulia. Conversations™ represents years of research and data fine tuning to give agents the maximum conversion opportunity for every lead generated online. Zurple pricing starts with a base fee of $349 per agent per month, with the addition of an on-boarding fee that ranges between $199 to $499, depending on the requirements. Real estate agents may add managed online advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook marketing to their Zurple package to get a steady flow of traffic to their website.

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