Product Features:
  • Specific for Insurance Industry
  • Client Management
  • Commission Management
  • Contact Management
  • Data Management
  • Document Management
  • Insurance Policy Management
  • Lead Management
  • Life & Health
  • Quote Management
United States 76092
Product Information

Cloudia Assistant was designed and created by an insurance company to help insurance agents and agencies become productive and efficient. It meant less time could be spent on “house-keeping duties,” and more time devoted to doing business and increasing profits. Cloudia Assistant customers benefit from consistent upgrades and special offers as Cloudia Assistant continues to grow and expand. With Cloudia Assistant, an inexpensive add-on, you don’t have to replace your CRM – just give it the power it’s been lacking. Many agents using it don’t even do cold calls anymore enabling them to make additional sales. It is so much easier to sell someone calling you as opposed to you calling them, and that is what Cloudia Assistant adds to your power-sales system. For a detailed breakdown of the pricing please visit the web site. A free trial is also offered.