Product Features:
  • Specific for Vending Companies
  • Data Management
  • Integration
  • Multi-Country
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Reporting
  • Warehouse Management
Product Information

Vega Vending, by Digisoft, is an Enterprise Resource Planner for vending businesses. Digisoft S.p.A. works with a structure of counselling, development and software assistance for the vending market. They offer a solution that will make checking your business easy and efficient. Vega is also constantly updated, using marketing requests, to keep it reliable and efficient. The automization of external activities, the introduction and utilization of bar code readers and the ability to check products and incoming stock reduces errors, allowing vendors to concentrate all their efforts on their business and the development and optimization of customers. Vega was developed to be able to manage high quantities of data and to offer support and real time analysis to vending companies of all sizes.