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"LeGrand CRM is an excellent solution if your small business uses QuickBooks and/or MS Outlook."

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Brief company history of LeGrand.

  • Developer of CRM software for SME’s.
  • Their aim is to deliver a practical CRM tool for small business
  • Their Head office is located in Sydney, Australia
  • STD product was launched in March 2002
  • PRO version was launched in October 2002
  • CORP version was launched in January 2003
  • USA subsidiary opened February 2003
  • Part of a larger grouping of companies, including
  • FinancePlus accounting software (operating since 1998).
  • Mentor Technologies (operating since 1990).

Best types of clients/markets for Legrand CRM

Their CRM products are available in the following versions:

  • LeGrand STD is suited to Individuals or small companies, with up to 5 users and a database of up to 15,000 contacts.
  • LeGrand PRO is for Workgroups of 1-15 users, with a database of up to 15,000 contacts.
  • LeGrand CORP is designed for Workgroups of 5-50 users, with database/s over 10,000 contacts.

Growth path of their product/s.
STD and PRO have Visual FoxPro databases.
CORP has a SQL database.
An upgrade procedure exists for each step along the path.

Product Description

  • Designed for business – Legrand CRM software system is designed to manage all aspects of your business relationships. In one informative view you are provided with all essential customer information and most recent interactions.
  • Practical – Legrand CRM is logical and easy to use. You will be up and running within minutes.
  • Rich functionality – Going beyond traditional contact management Legrand CRM has strong functionality in marketing campaigns, sales opportunities and customer service issues.
  • Excellent Outlook interaction – Legrand CRM provides direct access to all your Microsoft Outlook data folders enabling you to transfer data to/from Outlook with a single mouse-click.
  • Easy reporting – Legrand CRM uses Microsoft Office for reporting and mail-merge, and works with WinFax PRO. You can also export data direct to Excel using a right-mouse click.

Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP) Pricing (USD)

While not the cheapest CRM solution available, LeGrand is far from the most expensive in its class.

  • LeGrand STD version $225 per seat
  • LeGrand PRO version $350 per seat
  • LeGrand CORP version $450 per seat
  • CUST SERV. $175
  • ITEM TRACK. $175
  • ACCT. $100 (additional $50)

LeGrand International support
is either direct via email support, or their Resellers in

  • USA
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Thailand

Their customer base now extends to eighteen countries.

LeGrand CRM is proving popular amongst its users for numerous reasons, not the least being its user friendly interface. There’s nothing like your software gaining acceptance due to its ease of use. This also means reduced training costs. The product is also appreciated by the support dept., who say it is less support intensive than Goldmine, for example.

Read more about why LeGrand CRM adds a powerful CRM component to your QuickBooks.

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