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"A Collaborative Project Management Solution at Its Best"

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What is Nutcache?

Launched in 2013, Nutcache is a cloud-based project management software developed by the Canadian company Dynacom Technologies.

The one-stop-shop app provides teams of all sizes with a business-oriented Agile/Scrum solution for managing the entire project delivery lifecycle in a collaborative workspace; from ideation to completion to customer billing, through project budgeting, time tracking and expense management, all within an Agile set of principles.

Nutcache is currently available in 8 languages (French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian and German).

Why Nutcache?

Considered as one the few all-in-one business-oriented Agile project management solutions in the market, Nutcache offers a unique business approach to project management, allowing teams to plan and budget projects seamlessly, track time, manage expenses and bill clients very easily.

With more than 130,000 happy customers around the world, Nutcache aims to be the leader in its category, developing itself in a fast and continuous manner with more useful, detailed features for project administrators, deeper Agile functionality for Product Owners and Scrum Masters in order to deliver better work faster.

The app has won several awards from the industry including Expert’s Choice Award, Best Free Trial & Exceptional Customer Support Award by FinancesOnline, a popular B2B software review platform. GetApp, the largest independent business app marketplace, also included Nutcache in their Top 25 products in project management, as well as project collaboration.

This project management solution is also featured in various reputed digital media websites like CrunchBase, Mashable, SitePoint, TechVibes,, and Softonic etc.

Getting Started with Nutcache

Nutcache offers users a free 14-day trial before starting a monthly or yearly plan accordingly to their needs.

Based on their business growth and project size, clients can choose between a PRO or Enterprise version, which comes with more project capabilities.

The Pro version for a small team, i.e. 1 to 6 users, is a flat fee of $10 per month and the Enterprise version is a flat fee of $25 dollars per month.  As the number of users increase the cost changes to per user/per month

A great user onboarding experience helps users discover a very visual and intuitive app. At any time, users can access a demo company with detailed examples of how they can make the most of Nutcache.

Upon adding a new project, users are asked to choose between either an Agile (with Kanban boards) or Scrum project-type. Then, completing the project description and setting up the project budget and all critical information is a breeze.

Since all actions/buttons are designed to be self-explanatory, it becomes easy to explore and understand the app features.

Finally, the platform comes with various Agile board templates you can choose from to jump start your projects.

Organise your web design project 

Using Nutcache

Unlike other project management applications, Nutcache makes it easy for beginners or professional Agile aficionados to understand and personalize the software to their liking.

Whether you are a Project administrator or the Project owner, the app delivers a comprehensive range of tools to help managing the project from start to finish. Project owners and Scrum masters can rely on various burn-downs and KPIs to track, measure and improve the projects and teams’ productivity.

Thanks to comprehensive dashboards, Project administrators can keep a close eye on a project progress and anticipate potential delays.

Nutcache charts

Nutcache Flow Chart

As an all-in-one collaborative tool, Nutcache allows you to gather and manage all project’s useful information in one place, which helps save time and keeps project members on the same page.

From the project screen, you can create and store time entries, expenses and invoices. You can also attach documents and comment on the project. You can even duplicate an existing project to speed up project creation.

Another benefit offered by Nutcache is its powerful planning capabilities. For instance, the Agile planner is a great planning tool that lets you visually organize stories and tasks and dispatch work based on each team member’s workload.

Nutcache planner

Last but not least, Nutcache offers a GitHub integration and is working on connecting to other popular and useful tools such as Zapier, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, etc.


Nutcache is a powerful project management tool that provides users with extreme flexibility. From Agile project management, to team collaboration and effective time tracking to fast billing, this tool is a complete package for businesses of all sizes and requirements.

In addition, Nutcache offers frequent updates and is praised for its ever-growing feature selections and improved user experience. This is one of the factors that makes Nutcache a really impressive project management tool; in fact, you will hardly find another tool, cloud-based or otherwise, with a greater development rate.

If you are looking for a tool that would be instrumental to enhance your business productivity in a cost-effective way, Nutcache is the way to go. And since this tool offers a no-obligation 14-day free trial, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from changing the way you collaborate and work, for the better.

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